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01 Jan 2017
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18 Oct 2017
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Core funding
Tackles health inequalities for disadvantaged women and promotes health education through projects working with ethnic minority communities.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Core funding
Free legal advice for people with disabilties.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Core funding
Advice, training and practical help for people experiencing homelessness, mental health problems, drug or alcohol abuse and social exclusion.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Deptford Reach
Region: London
Core funding
Support, friendship and practical help through volunteer home visits to families from disadvantaged backgrounds who have young children. Also runs a peer advocacy service and parenting course.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Home-Start Sutton
Region: London
District: Sutton London Boro
Core funding
Supports children and adults with severe learning disabilities with behaviour challenges by providing information, advice and workshops for families and carers.
Amount: £5,000
District: Medway
Core funding
Specialist communication equipment for disabled people of all ages.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: The Sequal Trust
Region: West Midlands
District: Shropshire
Hospice Grant
Core funding for hospices
Amount: £5,030
Region: London
Inspiring Young Champions in South Wales
Therapeutic boxing for disadvantaged young people to improve mental health and support social inclusion.
Amount: £16,000
Region: South West
District: City of Bristol
Arthritis Care Groups
Volunteer-led support groups for people with arthritis.
Amount: £25,000
Recipient: Arthritis Care
Can Do
User-led community-based activities for young people with disabilities.
Amount: £49,500
Region: London
SIDS Helpline and Online Advisor
Helpline and online advisor providing bereavement support, advice and information for parents/ families who have lost a baby to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
Amount: £49,979
Recipient: The Lullaby Trust
Region: London
Boccia England - Disability Officer
Disability Officer to create and support afterschool boccia clubs for disadvantaged young people with physical, learning and visual disabilities.
Amount: £37,137
Recipient: Boccia England
Region: East Midlands
District: City of Nottingham
Five Step Programme
Café in prison providing employment training for offenders.
Amount: £40,000
Recipient: The Clink Charity
Parental Mental Health Project
Volunteer-led support for mothers and expectant mothers who have mild to moderate mental health issues.
Amount: £15,000
Recipient: Home-Start Wirral
Region: North West
District: Wirral District
Womens Homelessness Project Worker
Drop-in support, advice and information on education, training and healthcare for homeless women.
Amount: £40,000
Recipient: Shekinah Mission
Region: South West
District: City of Plymouth
Stonemasonry Apprentice
Apprenticeship for a young stonemason at Canterbury Cathedral.
Amount: £31,000
Family Befriending Westminster
Volunteer-led befriending for socially isolated families from areas of multiple deprivation who have children aged 6-16.
Amount: £46,036
Recipient: Family Lives
Region: East of England
National Research and Development Manager
User-led creation of bespoke instruments and music technology for people with disabilities.
Amount: £40,000
Recipient: Drake Music
Region: London
Housing Law Advocacy Support
Advocacy, advice and information and support for homeless or vulnerably housed people.
Amount: £20,000
Recipient: Shelter Cymru
Region: Wales
District: Abertawe - Swansea
Man in a Van Mobile Clinics
Mobile clinics which assess children and young people with disabilities for mobility equipment and wheelchairs.
Amount: £48,232
Recipient: Whizz-Kidz
Region: London