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20 Apr 2016
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21 Feb 2018
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Walking Tall Project
Project to increase the employment opportunities of NEET young people by offering life skills training, sailing training, and support with physical and mental health issues.
Amount: £22,000
Region: South Central
District: City of Portsmouth
Achieving Schools Project
Project to improve literacy and numeracy for vulnerable young people.
Amount: £240,000
Recipient: Achievement for All
Region: South Central
District: West Berkshire
Nutrition and Exercise in Recovery
New project which aims to place a higher emphasis on the role of diet, nutrition and exercise in recovering from dependency and addiction.
Amount: £33,000
Recipient: The Ley Community
Region: South Central
District: Cherwell District
Emergency overnight short breaks for families in crisis
300 emergency overnight short breaks per year for severely disabled children and young people whose families are in crisis.
Amount: £65,250
Region: South Central
Audio Books
Increasing the number of audio books available in audio library for people with sight problems, dyslexia or disabilities that prevent them from reading printed books.
Amount: £30,000
Region: South Central
Touch to See Book Clubs Programme
Adapted, tactile 'touch to see' books for blind and partially sighted children & adults.
Amount: £40,000
Region: South Central
Children Will Shine Project
Two Children Will Shine projects in Bracknell and York, offering subsidised tuition to disadvantaged backgrounds who have dyslexia or literacy issues.
Amount: £20,000
Region: South Central
District: Bracknell Forest
Epigenome of neural stem cells and high grade gliomas
Identifying the differences between tumour stem cells and normal stem cells in the brain.
Amount: £150,000
Region: South Central
District: Milton Keynes
Specialist neuro-physiotherapy service
Specialist neuro-physiotherapy for people with multiple sclerosis
Amount: £30,000
Recipient: Chilterns MS Centre
Region: South Central
Same Chances
Life skills training, one-to-one support, social groups, a residential weekend, health & wellbeing sessions and advice and information for young adult carers.
Prior's Court Bakery
Bakery to provide work experience and training for young people with autism and learning disabilities.
Amount: £66,582
Region: South Central
District: West Berkshire
Work Experience Officer
Work experience officer to support young people with multiple complex disabilities and learning disabilities.
Amount: £50,775
Recipient: Treloar Trust
Region: South Central
Research Grant - Fellowship
Fellowship to research life-saving skin grafting using the immune system.
Amount: £54,000
Recipient: RESTORE
Region: South Central