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21 Feb 2018
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07 Mar 2018
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DLA Project
Advice and information regarding accessing the DLA (Disability Living Allowance) for disadvantaged families of children with disabilities.
Amount: £30,000
Recipient: Amaze
Hospice UK partnership
Earthworks: bereavement support for men through a therapeutic horticulture allotment
Amount: £15,782
Hospice UK partnership
In it Together: Bereavement Support for Carers of People with Dementia
Amount: £12,658
Core funding
Provides massage, exercise, therapies, counselling and social activities for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their carers and families.
Amount: £5,000
Core funding
Sports, social and recreational activities for children and adults with learning disabilities, autism and physical disabilities.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: LinkAble
District: Woking District