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14 Mar 2012
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16 Sep 2020
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Volunteer Support Officer
Funding towards salary of Volunteer Support Officer to support volunteers working with vulnerable older people.
Amount: £75,000
Recipient: Contact the Elderly
Region: London
Bipolar Support Line
Bipolar Support Line service consisting of a trained team providing immediate online and phone support to people affected by Bipolar Disorder.
Amount: £60,000
Recipient: Bipolar UK
Region: London
Support for Estranged Young People
Support for young people who lack family support, enabling them to gain accommodation, education and employment opportunities.
Amount: £75,000
Recipient: Buttle UK
Region: London
National Clinical Trials Programme
Aims to develop a nationwide research infrastructure to increase the number of surgical clinical trials in the UK.
Amount: £300,000
Region: London
Core funding
Volunteer-led reading sessions in the home for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Man in a Van Mobile Clinics
Mobile clinics which assess children and young people with disabilities for mobility equipment and wheelchairs.
Amount: £48,232
Recipient: Whizz-Kidz
Region: London
SIDS Helpline and Online Advisor
Helpline and online advisor providing bereavement support, advice and information for parents/ families who have lost a baby to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
Amount: £49,979
Recipient: The Lullaby Trust
Region: London
Hospice Grant
Core funding for hospices
Amount: £2,620
Recipient: St John's Hospice
Region: London
Grant to West London Day Centre
towards three years’ continuation funding of the running costs of an advice and referral service at a day centre in west London for people who are homeless
Amount: £84,000
Region: London
Grant to Friends of the Elderly
towards three years' salary of a BAME outreach worker at a project that supports people with Dementia in Surrey
Amount: £60,000
Region: London
Grant to Church Urban Fund
towards three years' salary of a Local Development Worker and associated running costs of establishing projects in Liverpool to combat poverty
Amount: £120,000
Recipient: Church Urban Fund
Region: London
Grant to Forgiveness Project
towards three years' continuation funding of the running costs of RESTORE, a National prison programme of restorative justice
Amount: £75,000
Recipient: Forgiveness Project
Region: London
Grant to Parkinson's UK
towards two years' research into the role of mitochondrial DNA variation in Parkinson's disease
Amount: £83,900
Recipient: Parkinson's UK
Region: London
Grant to Notre Dame Refugee Centre
towards two years' salary costs of a support service in London for Francophone African refugees
Amount: £35,600
Region: London
Grant to St Andrew's Club
towards three years' core costs of a community youth club that provides activities for disadvantaged young people in the London Borough of Westminster
Amount: £75,000
Region: London
Grant to Woman's Trust
towards three years' continuation funding of the core costs of an organisation supporting the mental health needs of women affected by domestic violence in London
Amount: £90,000
Recipient: Woman's Trust
Region: London
Grant to Vital Regeneration
towards two years' running cost of a digital skills and employability project for disadvantaged young people in London
Amount: £68,500
Recipient: Vital Regeneration
Region: London
Grant to Lullaby Trust
towards two years' salary of Bereavement Helpline Advisors and a contribution towards related running costs of a project providing support to people around the UK bereaved through sudden infant death
Amount: £29,000
Recipient: Lullaby Trust
Region: London
Grant to Veterans Aid
towards three years' salary of the Professional Support Co-ordinator at a supported accommodation centre in London that provides treatment for addiction and mental health problems, and education and training to homeless veterans from around the UK
Amount: £114,300
Recipient: Veterans Aid
Region: London
Grant to One Westminster
towards two years' salary of a Project Assistant at a befriending project supporting isolated and vulnerable older people in the London Borough of Westminster
Amount: £28,400
Recipient: One Westminster
Region: London