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01 Apr 2017
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05 Dec 2019
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Gourmet Garden Trials of England
The purpose of this Grant is to support the project, Gourmet Gardens Trials of England which is a leisure travel planning resource enabling travel trade and visitors to plan and book tourist accommodation, courses, winery and brewery tours and visits to English gardens. The target overseas markets are initially Germany and The Netherlands, with France identified as for a subsequent extension. The… more
Amount: £1,000,000
Recipient: Go To Places Ltd
Hampton to Bishopstone Coast Protection Works Phase 2
To fund other flood and coastal erosion risk management authorities in England for capital projects included in six year FCERM capital programme
Amount: £1,423,000
Enhancing cobalamin (vitamin B12) bioavailability in culturally appropriate foods in India
Full Grant details (including summaries) can be found on the Gateway to Research website: https://gtr.ukri.org/projectsref=BB/S014020/1
Amount: £1,511,891
Recipient: University of Kent
Thames Gateway Cultural Development
The Thames Estuary Production Corridor (TEPC) vision as one of Europe’s most integrated & productive creative hotbeds offers a unique opportunity for investment. Commercial space is in high demand but short supply; 45000 creative Estuary residents work elsewhere. GVA is 20% below UK average; perceptions are of a post-industrial landscape & unloved urban centres.Our ambition addresses these challe… more
Uni Connect
Resources for the sector
Amount: £2,272,614
Housing incentive to LAs for net additional homes added to the council tax base
Amount: £1,767,085
Grant to University of Kent
Kent and Medway Medical School
Amount: £2,000,000
Recipient: University of Kent
ALB - UKRI - Formulating and Manufacturing Low Profile Integrated Batteries for Wireless Sensing Labels
Full Grant details (including summaries) can be found on the Gateway to Research website: https://gtr.ukri.org/projectsref=EP/R02331X/1
Amount: £1,289,916
Recipient: University of Kent
Research England research Capital England 1819
To support high quality research
Amount: £4,356,506
Recipient: University of Kent