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30 Mar 2006
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16 Nov 2006
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Our Voice - A new arts IT and Video project
Young people will make films about what matters to them.
Amount: £4,683
Region: South West
Duke of edinburgh exploration
A Duke of Edinburgh exploration for cadets will take place.
Amount: £4,800
Region: South West
Training Project
The group will support 35 volunteers with accredited training courses.
Amount: £5,000
Region: South West
Improvements to the group's headquarters
The scout headquarters will have a new floor and improved disabled access.
play ranger project
The neighbourhood project will provide a mobile play ranger scheme that will be based in public parks in the Hesters way area during the school holidays. A variety of plays, sports, arts and games will be run and children and their families will be encouraged to attend.
Amount: £9,991
Region: South West
Whaddon Carnival
Children and adults are supported to explore and develop their creative potential within theatre and other arts. The grant will enable a summer carnival to take place offering art workshops to prepare for the carnival, that will culminate in a procession and party. This will give an opportunity for those who have never performed before to do so. A record of the event will take place so participants can evaluate their own performances.
Amount: £5,000
Region: South West
Community Table Tennis Clubs
The school will set up after school tennis clubs for the children and local community. This will give people an opportunity to learn a new activity in a fun way.
Amount: £9,373
Recipient: Churchdown School
Region: South West
International Cultural Day
This community group will organise an International Culture day. The day will include a variety of activities (dance, food, music, sport, crafts, art) from a variety of Black and ethnic minority communities in the county.
Amount: £5,478
Region: South West
Fitness for Socially Excluded Young People
The group will use the award to set up a fitnress training area to serve young disadvantaged people in the town.
Amount: £9,940
Region: South West
St Benedicts Rowing Club
The school will develop an indoor rowing club for youth and community groups. They will link up with Gloucestershire Rowing Club, Fladbury Canoe Club and the University of Gloucestershire.
Amount: £4,436
Recipient: St Benedicts School
Region: South West