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23 Jul 1999
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28 Apr 2021
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Wellbeing Hub
Contribution towards new Wellbeing Hub, to be attached to new-build NHS Medical Centre in village of Kelsall, Cheshire
Amount: £17,500
Recipient: Kelsall PPG
Region: North West
Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
To address the challenges faced by the ageing workforce in the health sector. To improve mental and emotional wellbeing and resilience we propose a project to support staff aged between 50 and 75 through a practical and thought provoking 2 day, person led workshop.
Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Development of the Working Longer and Living Life to the Full programme with two new NHS partners, as part of the Transitions in Later Life programme cohort.
Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Funding to embed key learnings from the TiLL programme in the NHS by ensuring a successful rollout of CWP's Working Longer and Living Life to the Full course and train-the-trainer programme to NHS Trusts across England and Wales.
St Mary Without-the-Walls, Chester
To part fund the Church property scheme
Amount: £35,000
Region: North West
Trinity Methodist Church, Ellesmere Port
To help fund the costs of the two lay workers
Amount: £45,000
Region: North West
Additional hours for two youth workers
Towards additional hours for two youth workers to help run the young people's council
Amount: £2,000
Region: North West
Refugee women who have experienced domestic violence
Towards the refugee women and children’s group in Liverpool who have experienced domestic violence.
Amount: £1,840
Recipient: Healthy Inclusion
Region: North West
To provide one-to-one support for disabled people
To provide one-to-one support for disabled people on work placements, entitled the "Your Turn Project".
Amount: £3,750
Recipient: Bren Project
Region: North West
Towards a summer playscheme in Warrington
Towards a summer playscheme in Warrington.
Amount: £500
Region: North West
Towards a summer play scheme.
Towards a summer play scheme.
Amount: £500
Region: North West
Towards a summer play scheme.
Towards a summer play scheme.
Amount: £300
Recipient: Minerva Arts
Region: North West
Activities for socially isolated young people
Towards activities for socially isolated young people.
Amount: £500
Region: North West
We would like to develop a series of activities that tackle community cohesion from several angles - 1) from a 'whole community' perspective through actions that bring communities together in localities where there have been new arrivals to promote integration and cultural awareness such as bring and share and 'meet your neighbour' events 2) from an empowerment perspective through the development… more
Amount: £23,322
Region: North West
Fallen Angels
The Comic Relief Core Strengths funding will enable Fallen Angels Dance Theatre (FADT) to initiate a relationship with UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) to develop a bespoke interactive tool that would enable FADT to measure their impact, and better understand the journey our beneficiaries as they navigate through their projects. The grant will fund the time of a core staff member and consultancy fees.
Amount: £4,440
Region: North West
Family Support / Well-Being Co-Ordinator
The Joshua Tree currently supports around 80 families affected by childhood cancer in Cheshire and the North West. Facing childhood cancer can be a devastating experience and its impact may last for many years after treatment ends. Every family’s experience and needs are unique and the organisation work with many families and schools to provide support that is tailored to their needs. The project… more
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: The Joshua Tree
Region: North West
Young Person's Outreach Service
Turning Point - Young People's Drug and Alcohol Service is a 9- 5pm Monday to Friday service which provides specialist treatment to Young People under the age of 18 in Cheshire West and Chester who are experiencing difficulties due to drug or alcohol use and want help to stop using substances. The Vision for Cheshire project will enable young people to be healthy and have the chance of achieving,… more
Amount: £9,152
Recipient: Turning Point
Region: North West
Chester High Schools Resilience Programme
Chester Schools Christian Work Trust exists to promote the personal and spiritual development of children and young people in Chester schools through a range of different activities, lessons, courses and clubs. The project aims to help young people grow in resilience by challenging the stigma around mental health, giving them proven coping strategies, enabling them to make wise, informed decision… more
Amount: £11,748
Region: North West
Growing Well
Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside will run free to access weekly sessions at their Grozone Community Garden, Northwich. Each drop in session will last for five hours and involve participants taking part in a wide variety of outdoor activities of their choosing - including gardening, food growing, cooking and music workshops. The project will improve people's physical and mental well … more
Bromley Healthy Families
Healthbox CIC specialise in community health & wellbeing projects. For this project, Healthbox will team up with Plus Dane Housing to offer a vibrant project aimed at improving the health & wellbeing of vulnerable and disadvantaged families on the Bromley Farm Estate, Congleton. This strong partnership between a CIC and a housing provider will help to pool a range of specialist resources ranging … more
Amount: £5,945
Recipient: Healthbox CIC
Region: North West