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28 Jan 2008
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28 Mar 2021
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Grant to Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners'Royal Benevolent Society
Grant funding to support regular hardship grants for seafarers.
Amount: £110,000
St Mary the Virgin, Apuldram
To part fund the Church property scheme
Amount: £10,000
Core costs
Core costs.
Amount: £1,000
A grant to Asylos
A restricted grant of £20,000 to Country-of-Origin Information research training for front line case workers in the UK. Asylos carries out case-specific research for asylum cases, and gathers data about the use and impact of evidence in asylum courts. This project aims to develop its country-of-origin information research training for frontline immigration advisers in the UK
Amount: £20,000
Recipient: Asylos
Hospice Grant
Core funding for hospices
Amount: £3,004
Amount: £2,000
Funder: The Tudor Trust
Community award to DONNINGTON, St George
Extension with toilets and storage space, and create an accessible entrance.
Amount: £10,000
Maintenance award to OVING, St Andrew
Repair crumbling stonework around two tower windows
Amount: £2,500
Recipient: OVING, St Andrew
Community award to APULDRAM, St Mary the Virgin
Single storey extension with meeting room, accessible toilet and kitchen
Amount: £20,000
Parents and Carers Support Organisation
Funding to support covering the costs
Amount: £15,000
Dementia Support
To recruit two part-time support workers to increase capacity.
Amount: £20,000
Recipient: Dementia Support
South Downs National Park Trust
The South Downs National Park Trust is working with the South Downs National Park Authority to establish two new South Downs Forestry Apprenticeship roles ‘Future Foresters’ for a two year pilot programme. The project will help deprived young people to f...
Amount: £10,000
The Friends of Bourne - RWF
The funding would enable ‘Friends of Bourne’ to have a member of the team to enhance the capability of raising funds, completing applications, whilst recording applications so that they can be replicated the following years to come. At present there is ...
Amount: £10,000
Parents and Carers Support Organisation (PACSO)
To contribute towards the costs of PACSO’s CEO for 12 months.
Amount: £15,000
Protection of Vulnerable Children
Protection of vulnerable children from abuse and exploitation in the slums of Jinja, Uganda.
Amount: £51,086
Community Based Child Protection
To provide ongoing support to community based child protection work in slums, Uganda AND support COTE UK and COTE Africa to develop monitoring and evaluation systems.
Amount: £50,396
Grant to Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariner's Royal Benevolent Society
Grant funding to support a regular grants programme for beneficiaries who are in real financial hardship
Amount: £110,000
Grant to Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariner's Royal Benevolent Society
Grant funding to support emergency grants to seafarers and their dependents in real poverty.
Amount: £20,000
Grant to Midhurst Rother College
Interactive periodic table
Amount: £18,500
Amount: £19,000