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04 Jan 2019
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10 Dec 2019
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Bowls clubhouse refurbishment
Funding under Sport England's Community Asset Fund funding programme for a Capital project titled Bowls clubhouse refurbishment. This project is a Multi Sports project, with a focus on beneficiaries with a disability.
Amount: £45,000
Funder: Sport England
Grant to UnderWired
as a staff grant towards the core costs of a charity that delivers theatre productions for marginalised communities
Amount: £2,000
Funder: The Tudor Trust
Recipient: UnderWired
STC Explore
Will hold public conversations through events and social media to capture the local community’s views and ideas for an under-utilised park. They will support local people to identify solutions, test ideas, and build a longer-term business case
Amount: £9,415
Funder: Coop Foundation
Recipient: 3VA
Grant to Towner Art Gallery
Grant pf £70,000 towards the purchase of John Akomfrah, Vertigo Sea, 2015 jointly with National Museum Wales, Cardiff (22400). Art Fund contributed £80,000. Grant paid via Art Fund (20700)
Amount: £0
Recipient: Towner Art Gallery
Amount: £4,858
Recipient: Eastbourne Foodbank
Grant to Eastbourne Foodbank
New Warehouse manager & Advocacy worker
Amount: £61,633
Recipient: Eastbourne Foodbank
Social Circus
The project will use the funding to run an open circus group for young people & teenagers and develop the sessions so they can take on coaching roles for people and families to bring people together and build strong relationships.
Amount: £4,996
Recipient: Circus by the Sea
Extending the services of foodbank
The project will use funding to improve IT capabilities to enable reliable management of the service and to comply with GDPR regulations.
Amount: £9,976
Recipient: Eastbourne Foodbank
Wyntercon -Creative Expression Workshops
The project will use funding to design, deliver & manage creative workshops to reduce social exclusion and gain access to creative life skills to learn by positive social interaction, develop their knowledge base and encourage participants to take part in local community.
Amount: £9,984
Recipient: Wyntercon
Kids Club
The organisation will use funding to create a new social group and deliver recreational activities that are designed to support parents. The project aims to reduce isolation, share experiences and encourage social contact.
Amount: £9,985
Recipient: Trios
Activities for Children
The funding will be used to deliver a range of creative and therapeutic arts activities to children. The project aims to improve their well-being, reduce social isolation and build confidence.
Amount: £10,000
'Money Life' debt project
'Money Life' debt project
Amount: £35,150
Recipient: Eastbourne Foodbank
Memory Lane Development Worker
The funding will be used to employ a development worker. The project aims to expand their existing activities, providing increased support to people with dementia and their carers.
Amount: £10,000
The organisation will use funding to employ a support worker. The project aims to continue to provide Education, Training and Employment opportunities for both offenders and those recovering from Substance Misuse, aid recovery and improve their future life chances.
Amount: £10,000
Weekend Smiles for Disability
The organisation will provide a respite weekend of fun and community engagement to support people with disabilities and their families.
Amount: £10,000
The funding will be used to develop a range of tools to include an app, dedicated phone line and email support for students experiencing mental health issues at university and their parents. The project aims to support students struggling with the pressure of exams and being away from home and provide a service where parents can share their concerns and gain a greater understanding how to help their child before they reach crisis point.
Amount: £9,960
Recipient: Community Talk
Eastbourne Food & Music Festival
The aim of this project is to provide a street food and arts festival to spread cross cultural awareness and engagement.
Amount: £7,750
Navigating Local social services
The funding will be used to provide a bilingual advocacy drop in service to support the BAME community. The project aims to support people to navigate local services, provide advice and help them engage in the local community to reduce isolation and improve cohesion.
Amount: £10,000
Little Bears
Little Bears
Learn and Repair
Learn and Repair
Amount: £9,590
Recipient: PC Helping Hand