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18 Jan 2006
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16 Nov 2006
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Bridge Club & Extra Facilities
With help from a Lottery grant Downside and Hatchford Village Hall will expand the range of activities it has on offer for the whole community. The group will buy new staging, bridge tables and equipment which will help to attract new groups to the hall and allow the bridge group to increase its activities and number of members.
Amount: £5,000
District: Elmbridge District
Access for the disabled
With help from a Lottery grant Voluntary Action Elmbridge will improve access to its building to allow wheelchair users and people with disabilities the opportunity to use its services.
Amount: £4,600
District: Elmbridge District
Facility Improvement
Oxshott Bowling Club will be able to make essential improvements to the greens and clubhouse and offer specialist coaching sessions with help from a Lottery award. It will be able to replace the existing kitchen units so that they comply with health and hygiene standards and install new timber edging to the greens as the current ones have rotted and have caused members to trip and fall. Qualified coaches will also run two one day courses to give members the chance to develop their skills.
Amount: £5,000
District: Elmbridge District
Refurbishment of kitchen
Hersham Women's Institute will be able to refurbish the kitchen in the hall with help from a Lottery award. The current facilities do not meet health and hygiene standards and are inadequate for the needs of the community groups using the hall. A grant will pay for the refurbishment of the kitchen and installation of catering standard worktops and appliances.
Amount: £5,000
District: Elmbridge District
Holiday Club for Children with Disabilities
With help from a Lottery grant Elmbridge Crossroads - Caring for Carers will extend its Saturday Club for children with disabilities to provide a service during the school holidays. The children will get to take part in arts, crafts and games and will work on increasing their sense of independence and self esteem. The club will give parents a break and allow them to spend quality time with other children in the family.
Canoe and Minibus Activity Facility
This project is to construct a multi purpose storage unit next to the scout headquarters for on-site storage of large activity equipment and a mini bus. This will make it easier for the group to organise outdoor activities such as kayaking and reduce the risk of loss or damage to the minibus. In turn this will create more space in the HQ enabling the scouts to take part in more indoor activities.
Amount: £5,000
District: Elmbridge District
Down by the riverside
This organisation promotes the interests and work of disabled artists in Surrey. An award will enable them to hold a one day, disability arts celebration to raise the profile of the work the group does.
Amount: £2,600
District: Elmbridge District
After School IT Club
This group supports the school in the education of children and provides out of school activities. The group will use funding to contribute to the cost of a tutor for their new I.T. suite, which will be open to children of the school and the wider community.
Amount: £5,000
District: Elmbridge District
APT Disabled Flying Commmunity Website
The group will use the award to develop a website to promote the work of the charity and to help with monitoring the outcomes of services offered by the organisation to 200 severely disabled participants each year.
Kingston Trampoline Academy
A project to increase membership and participants of this trampoline club in Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, by providing additional equipment.
Amount: £5,000
District: Elmbridge District
Where is the Love?
Young people will have a greater awareness of dating violence through the marketing and distribution of a DVD and teaching resource. It will promote understanding and prevention of the problem. A marketing strategy will be developed for disseminating the DVD and teaching resource across South East England with a view to rolling it out nationwide at a later time.
Amount: £14,632
Recipient: Young Voice
District: Elmbridge District
Training Suite
This Air Training Corps will build a training suite which will enable cadets to gain access to computers.
Amount: £4,860
District: Elmbridge District