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27 Jan 2016
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20 Dec 2016
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Amount: £631,816
Recipient: Kia
District: Elmbridge District
Amount: £111,497
Recipient: Kia
District: Elmbridge District
Home Chargers
Amount: £1,300
District: Elmbridge District
Coach development academy
Funding under Sport England's Small Grants funding programme for a Revenue project titled Coach development academy. This project is a Squash project, with a focus on younger beneficiaries.
Amount: £9,987
Funder: Sport England
District: Elmbridge District
Emergency Flood Relief
Funding under Sport England's Flood Relief Fund funding programme for a Capital project titled Emergency Flood Relief. This project lists its main activity as Sailing & Yachting
Amount: £1,612
Funder: Sport England
District: Elmbridge District
Amount: £1,000
Funder: London Catalyst
District: Elmbridge District
Elmbridge Rentstart UK Limited - 1
Rent Support Initiative: reduced rent payments allowing time to adjust to working lifestyle
Amount: £3,000
Funder: London Catalyst
District: Elmbridge District
Hospice Grant
Core funding for hospices
Amount: £4,435
District: Elmbridge District
Live Concerts
Live music concerts for older people living in care homes.
Amount: £60,048
Recipient: Music in Hospitals
District: Elmbridge District
Grant to Elmbridge Rentstart
over two years as continuation funding towards core salaries and associated costs for a small charity housing and supporting single homeless people in Elmbridge and Runnymede, Surrey
Amount: £30,000
Funder: The Tudor Trust
Recipient: Elmbridge Rentstart
District: Elmbridge District
Justice grant
Guidance for judges - children judgments on Bailii
Amount: £16,900
District: Elmbridge District
It's Not Your Birthday But; connecting the isolated and lonely through
This group will use the funding to provide and facilitate a programme of 12 weekly sessions to encourage people from the local community to become better connected by writing to each other. Letters will be based around themes for people to talk about and will reduce the feelings of social isolation and loneliness among the local community.
Amount: £9,650
District: Elmbridge District
Community, Creativity and Challenge Outdoor Project
This school will use the funding to develop its outdoor area to include an adventure space, a sheltered area and a seating area. This will provide an outdoor environment to increase access and physical activity amongst children.
Amount: £10,000
District: Elmbridge District
Brighton and Hove Recovery Festival 2016
Funding will be used to hold a Recovery Festival, which will include two celebration events in Brighton and Hove. The events, which will be organised for and delivered by people in recovery, will celebrate the stories and talents of individuals in recovery and will also be open to those who work with people in recovery.
Amount: £4,750
Recipient: Cranstoun
District: Elmbridge District
Opportunities for Play
The organisation will use the funding to create a new outdoor play area with all-weather surfacing. This play area has been planned to incorporate a range of activities and will provide a much needed space for children to get active, develop cognitive and social skills and it will promote community cohesion.
Amount: £10,000
District: Elmbridge District
Celebrating 100 years of Whiteley Village
The organisation will use the funding to host a tea dance for people from and people associated with Whiteley Village. This will enable the organisation to bring people of different ages together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the village.
Amount: £9,820
District: Elmbridge District
Grant to Rentstart (UK) Ltd
Towards the salary of the General Manager overseeing the project “Freedom 2 Work” providing people with accommodation and support to maintain their tenancy.
Amount: £45,000
Recipient: Rentstart (UK) Ltd
District: Elmbridge District
Artificial Wicket Installation at Claygate Cricket Club
Towards the purchase and installation of an artificial cricket wicket for Claygate Cricket Club, Surrey, to enable the Club to meet capacity demand due to their expanding junior section, junior female section and Kwik cricket.
Amount: £8,000
District: Elmbridge District