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18 Jan 2006
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18 Dec 2006
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There is no project name available for this record
The award will be used to fund a six week programme and a weekend camp run by The Outdoor Education Company, which focuses on team building and leadership skills.
To purchase a ramp and veranda for a static caravan
Further wheelchair access will be installed in conjunction with the trust's specially adapted static caravan for disabled scouts to enjoy a communal holiday with other scouts.
Amount: £3,200
Region: East of England
To provide an essential ramp for wheelchair access to caravan
The Scout Holiday Homes Trust provides suitable holiday accommodation for any family or group who has a member with special needs or is a single parent or low income family. The trust has bought a new specially adapted, fully wheelchair friendly caravan. With help from a Lottery grant the group will provide an essential ramp and veranda to this caravan in order to allow wheelchair and easy walking access.
Amount: £5,000
Region: East of England
Athletics Club
School uses award to set-up an after-school Sportshall Athletics Club for all children aged 8-12 from the district, and host athletics competitions for all local primary schools.
Amount: £4,998
Region: East of England
developing digital photography in the community
The group established in 1983 promotes all aspects of photography through weekly meetings and special events. The award will fund the purchase of computer and projection equipment so the group can run free-of-charge digital photographic sessions to the group's members and to other interested groups.
Amount: £4,339
Region: East of England
There is no project name available for this record
Radio Forest provides hospital radio for patients and staff of hospitals in the local area.The group wants to provide live programmes to patients in the new centre for elderly care based at St Margaret's Community Hospital.The project will provide new studio facilities to enable the production of live programming.
Amount: £4,922
Region: East of England
There is no project name available for this record
This project is a partnership between the school and district council. The aim is to create specific pieces of interactive art work that explore the theme of garden sheds and village greens. Drop-in workshop activities held by a professional artist for participants of all ages will produce the art to be exhibited in and around the local community.
Amount: £4,260
Recipient: Shelley CP School
Region: East of England
Schools Battlefield Tour
This Royal British Legion group will take children from four local schools, as well as teachers and branch members, on an educational visit to the historical sites of Ypres, Belgium. This will increase the childrens knowledge of their heritage and, on their return, will take part in talks and displays to the other pupils and the local community to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first battle of the Somme.
Mini Tennis Project
The Avenue Lawn Tennis Club will build a 'red' mini tennis court, which uses lighter equipment appropriate to a younger age group. This will enable the club to offer a range of coaching and playing opportunities for young people who cannot use the full-size courts.
Amount: £10,000
Region: East of England
Festival of Choirs
This new groups aim is to carry out combined concerts to improve public knowledge and appreciation of choral music, further the development of quality singing and support charitable causes. The Consortium of Choirs will consist of 10 choirs, approximately 300 singers, performing separately their own special songs. The evening culminating with a finale of all choirs singing some inspiring pieces, also with involvement from the audience.
Amount: £4,000
Region: East of England
Epping Forest Field Centre Grounds
The Associates of Epping Forest Field Centre work to raise awareness of the area and encourage community involvement. The project aims to develop and maintain the area creating a sensory garden, while also developing and running courses to encourage involvement in the local environment.
Lovelocks Meadow Restoration Project
This group promote, for the benefit of the public, the conservation and preservation of the natural environment of Swaines green. They will use funding for the restoration of an abandoned meadow that will include botanical and invertebrate surveys.
Amount: £7,290
Region: East of England
Team Around the Child
This school will use an award to redevelop and refurbish an unused room in the school, so it can be used as a multi purpose facility. On completion of the project, the room will be used for meetings, community activities and a children's outreach centre.
Replacement of old worn out equipment
This group will purchase a new hi-fi and karaoke system to allow greater participation of the residents of Wheelers Farm Social Committee. The project will allow for more music and dance evenings for the residents who are currently relying on an old second hand system.
Amount: £390
Region: East of England
Renwed Mind Global Advocacy
A project for weekly traditional African dance class for children aged 5 to 14.
Amount: £7,768
Region: East of England
Change Of Ground And Clubhouse
A project by this football club in Plaistow, Newham to improve links with youth clubs and schools, set up a young women's team, send members on coaching courses, and mount a publicity campaign to encourage new members and raise awareness of the group. _x000B_
Amount: £10,000
Region: East of England
The Business
This theatre group and registered charity would use the award to run an arts based training programme working with adults who have learning disabilities.
Amount: £9,888
Recipient: Theatre Resource
Region: East of England
P.A.W's - People and Animal Welfare Support
This not for profit animal welfare group need to refurbish their facilities in order to allow access for disabled people. This will allow increased use of this community facility in that more people can access their site in order to adopt abandoned or stray animals. Increased use will also lead to the need for more volunteers, so this group also wish to establish a volunteer recruitment programme… more
Amount: £1,890
Region: East of England