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29 Jul 2004
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24 Feb 2020
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Grant to Cleenish Community Association
Battles, Bricks and Bridges: Rediscovering our rural industrial and historical heritage
Amount: £51,700
Amount: £56,400
Recipient: Lough Erne Heritage
Grant to Fermanagh and Omagh District Council
Arney Battlefield - Community Trail and Engagement
Amount: £94,000
St Paul's PS, Irvinestown - Multi Use Games Area
The grant will allow St Paul's Primary School to create an outdoor multi-use games area beside the present hard surface play area. More than 200 pupils at the school and nursery will benefit. The new facility will enrich PR within the curriculum by increasing PE time to 1 hour 45 minutes per week. The range and quality of sports activities on offer at lunch and after school will also be increased.
Amount: £66,281
New Hope Chilcare
The project will extend a current pre-school provision by refurbishing the ground floor area of a current community centre and creating an external play area within Enniskillen.
Omagh Early Years & Family Learning Centre
The project aims to adapt a former hospital wing into a fully functional family centre with an incorporated nursery in the Omagh ward of County Tyrone. The proposed extension and new entrance will complement and enhance their currently well used services of cross community childcare, combined with parental training and support.The money would pay in full for the site preparation and contribute towards the new extension and refurbishment costs.
Amount: £97,990
Pre-School Extension Project
The project will extend a current community centre to include a playgroup room and reception area. The extension will facilitate morning childcare sessions, increasing the playgroups capacity from 22 to 46 in the Belcoo ward of Fermanagh.
Amount: £79,899
Community Room Development
The GAA club will use the grant to create a cross community facility within a new sports development in the Tryone village.
Amount: £75,000
Community development
The project will enable a community development officer to initiate, source funding and maintain programmes for the local community to include youth club, parent and toddler group, social events for older people, drug awareness and healthy eating programmes.
Amount: £99,722
Carrosyl multi sports arena
Carrowshee Park/Sylvan Hill Community Association will create a new multi sports arena which will provide sporting facilities primarily for 120 local children and young people but will be open for use by the whole community.
Modernisation of Gortaclare Community Hall
Gortaclare Development and Cultural Association's project is to modernise their hall to include disabled access, disabled toilet facilities, general toilet facilities, a new roof and new electrics, windows and doors.
Refurbishment of Melvin View Orange Hall
Melvin Cultural and Historical Society (MCHS) will replace most of their existing building which is currently deemed to be unsafe. Th
CCA -07 Cavanacarragh Capacity Accessibility 2007
Cavanacarragh Community Association, situated five miles from Enniskillen, will refurbish Cavanacarragh Hall in Lisbellaw to maximise the existing fabric of the hall. This will increase the halls capacity for functions and catering. The grant will enable the project to use the building to provide courses and other community activities for the local community.
Amount: £50,000
Improving and Enhancing Loughkillygreen Hall
Loughkillygreen Hall Association, situated three miles from Newtownbutler, will refurbish Loughkillygreen Orange Hall to allow them to provide a varied programme to 500 more people.
Amount: £67,873
Omagh's Outdoor Learning Environment
The project will provide an outdoor learning environment for all school children and the wider community in the town of Omagh, which will be located at the local primary school. The learning environment will comprise two shared spaces, namely a child adventure play zone and a sensory zone and provide access into an environmental zone. The project will be located in the grounds of Gibson Primary S… more
Amount: £50,000
The Ongoing Journey to Energy Efficiency- Stage II
The centre will use their grant to carry out a range of energy saving improvements including replacing the lighting in their swimming pool and external areas with energy efficient LED lighting. The centre's insulation will also be upgraded and new solar electric panels will be installed which will feed into the grid supply. The improvements will reduce the amount of heating and electricity the ce… more
Amount: £50,000
Loughmacrory Gym & Indoor Bike Club
The group plans to use the grant to set up a community gym and indoor bike club in the rural village of Loughmacrory. The business will improve local's people health and fitness, build community spirit and encourage people to mix together and try new things. The social enterprise will be run by volunteers and people will pay a membership fee to join. The money the group makes will go back into the running of the gym and bike club and buying new equipment, helping to sustain it.