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18 Jan 2006
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21 Dec 2006
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Increased accessibility for services
Family Matters is a registered charity that offers a helpline service and counselling to victims of sexual abuse and rape. With help from a Lottery award it will be able to produce information leaflets in Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, large print and Braille for the first time. It will also buy a text phone and portable hearing loop to make the services more accessible to people with hearing impairment.
Amount: £4,960
Recipient: Family Matters
District: Gravesham District
Organise exhibition on human rights
This group will organise a programme of events to raise awareness of the effects that human rights issues have on a local community. A series of workshops and lectures, including arts sessions for young people, will be led by a team of volunteers and cover such topics as bullying, discrimination in the workplace, freedom of speech and racism. A website will also be set up to disseminate information.
Amount: £4,400
District: Gravesham District
New tables and chairs
With help from a Lottery grant 1st Windmill Hill Scout Group will buy new tables and chairs. This will not only benefit the scout and guide groups that use the hall but will also mean that local community groups will be able to use the hall for meetings and social events.
Amount: £2,157
District: Gravesham District
Holiday play scheme equipment
This group provides activities for children and young people in the Gravesend area. This includes a holiday playscheme for 5 to 14 year old at the Dance Studio at Holy Trinity School. An Awards for All grant will be used to buy a variety of toys, sports equipment and games so that participants have a range of activities to take part in when they attend.
Amount: £2,316
Recipient: Play Tent
District: Gravesham District
Lighten Up, mobile and sustainable
Lighten Up is a community arts group offering a range of workshops including felt making and wicker crafts. With a Lottery award it will be able to buy a tent and solar panel so that it can put on events in any location and encourage more people to take part in the activities on offer. Members will also be able to attend training courses in facilitation techniques and web design to promote the group.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Lighten Up
District: Gravesham District
Saheli - Badminton
This group encourages woman of all ages and cultures to take part in activities and social interaction. Funding will support the group to start a badminton club and provide equipment and structured sessions.
Amount: £3,175
Recipient: Kent Saheli Group
District: Gravesham District
Thirteen Collective aims to provide a platform for support, skills, equipment sharing and developing community links for artists and designers. With help from a Lottery award it will hold an exhibition to display members work and a range of free workshops for children for the first time. This will include costume making and brass rubbings based on the theme of past and present.
Amount: £4,050
Recipient: Thirteen Collective
District: Gravesham District
Gravesham School Sport Partnership (Kent)
This project brings six new activities to 4,540 young people in the partnership. Disabled pupils will be offered badminton, archery, table tennis and outdoor adventure activities. Low participation by girls with weight issues will be countered with fitness clubs. Boys who do not engage in team games will be able to take up martial arts, judo and archery. Athletics will help develop motor skills amongst Key Stage 2 pupils. Training and sustainability underpin the design of the project.
Amount: £130,638
District: Gravesham District
Indian Music
This group provides education and tuition of music and the arts in the local area. This project is to purchase Asian percussion instruments and hold music workshops to encourage women and girls from the local Sikh community to participate in an environment free from social and cultural pressures.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Kent Music
District: Gravesham District
Equipment and advertising
A project to replace and renew some of the equipment at a gym in Greenwich in order to increase membership. The gym is not for profit and aims to provide access to cardio-vascular exercise and weights training for local residents at an affordable cost. Current members have requested new or different equipment.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Thamesmead Gym
District: Gravesham District
Junior Guru Nanak Basketball Club
This basketball club will provide extra places and opportunities for the young people in the area. The group have consulted with the local community who have readily encouraged this extra provision. The project will involve thirty weeks of workshops as well as a two day summer camp.
Amount: £4,650
District: Gravesham District
Studio 3 Training
This special school will train staff in behaviour management.
Amount: £10,000
District: Gravesham District