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20 May 2002
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12 Nov 2002
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play sessions
Towards for two weeks of good quality play sessions for under fives at a variety of different estates in Hackney.
Amount: £2,020
Recipient: Hackney Playbus
Region: London
Arts trainer etc
Towards an arts trainer, partial cost of the premises and and IT worker
Amount: £5,400
Region: London
UK Networking Prog
Towards the costs of developing the UK Networking Programme.
Amount: £17,000
Funder: Indigo Trust
Recipient: Womankind Worldwide
Region: London
Grant awarded to Volunteer Reading Help (Tyne & Wear)
Towards the salary of a co-ordinator to develop reading support in the North East.
Amount: £26,918
Region: London
Grant awarded to Contact a Family Incorporated (North East)
Towards the salary of the regional development officer working throughout the North East.
Amount: £60,000
Region: London