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25 Jan 2006
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20 Dec 2006
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Garden Project
This grant will contribute towards the improvement of the group's garden area. They plan to make the area safer, provide more shade and make better use of the space by designing areas for exploration and quiet areas.
Amount: £2,800
Region: London
Music Activities
The award will be used to purchase Indian musical instruments and employ music tutors.
Amount: £4,200
Region: London
Rainforest Songs
This group supports the Kensington and Chelsea Young Musicians Scheme by raising funds and providing childcare. The will use the funding to run a project led by a choral director, which will see the children link up with an environmental group in Brazil to produce compositions based around the rainforest. They will also run a series of demo performances of the music.
Amount: £4,247
Region: London
Number One Allotment Project
This project will enable people with learning and physical disabilities to participate directly in growing organic produce and flowers and to therefore be included into the allotment and gardening community. The group will use the funding to deliver an all year round provision by installing a large heated greenhouse adapted for wheelchair access and to purchase a fruit cage to extend the range of different fruits grown.
Amount: £4,995
Region: London
Social outings
Speak Out in Hounslow was established in October 2001 their aim is to help adults with learning disabilities in Houslow develop self advocacy skills, confidence and awareness to become as independent as they wish, to speak up, get their full rights as citizens and be a valued part of the community.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Refugee Women's Healthy Living Project
The grant will contribute towards the group's "Healthy Living Project", which will involve running a series of workshops and seminars and a booklet for Somali speaking women.
Amount: £4,995
Recipient: ILAYS
Region: London
Development Resources
The group will use their Award to establish regular meetings for women with HIV in the local community. These meetings will help to provide a framework of support for these women and encourage social interaction with other women in similar situations.
Amount: £4,190
Region: London
REA Learning of Work Advice
This organisation was set up to provide people who are socially excluded with advice and assistance on all legal matters. The award will be used to provide ESOL classes and basic introduction to I.T. skills.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Dance and video workshops
The organisation will use funding to run dance lessons culminating in a performance. The process will be filmed by other young people from the community, who will be trained by a professional tutor.
Amount: £4,880
Region: London
Advertising, Publicity and Training Volunteers
The group will build up its volunteer recruitment and profile within the local community. This will include training for volunteers, advertising and publicity.
Amount: £4,955
Recipient: Home-Start Hounslow
Region: London
Dance workshops
The group will undertake a range of short projects focused upon working with young people to develop a range of performance skills via regular dance classes.
Amount: £4,980
Region: London
Social Car Scheme
This charity provides for the transport needs of people with mobility problems. The award will fund the extension and improvement of its social car scheme, which provides transport for social and personal needs, by employing a dedicated worker to coordinate the scheme.
Amount: £4,160
Region: London
Hanworth Junior Youth Club
Hanworth Youth Group is for children aged 7-11 years to meet, socialise and participate in curriculum based activities. The group is seeking funding to organise an inter youth club football tournament, inviting other junior clubs to participate. The group would also like to organise a series of educational trips i.e. natural history museum, theatre, rainforest cafe and a residential outdoor adventure trip.
Amount: £4,420
Region: London
Start Up Costs
The group provides support services for French African refugees and asylum seekers in Hounslow. The award will fund a safe premises to run its activities.
Amount: £4,955
Region: London
Rent, Admin, Cost and Equipment
The group will use an Award to establish an office to provide community support for Afgahn refugees living the London Borough of Hounslow.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
FIT Outdoor Classroom Project
This group encourages the engagement of all school stakeholders in the school life. The award will fund purchase an outdoor classroom and shaded quiet area with sustainable wooden benches and wood chip/bark flooring. It would be mainly be used for extra curricular activities, including after-school clubs.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Booklet on services of INS
This group provides care, rehabillitation and support to people with chronic or deteriorating neurological conditions. The award will fund production of a comprehensive booklet on its services. This booklet will be distributed to existing and potential service users and to local professional organisations.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Offer free tickets
A grant will help the group to improve the publicity of their 2006 event, hoping to encourage more children and young people in particular.
Amount: £2,500
Region: London
A History of Health
West London Museums Education Group meets regularly to encourage discussion and collaboration between the education departments at sixteen West London Museums. The group will develop a new educational workshop to be offered to schools and other groups.
Amount: £4,994
Region: London
Reading Help for Children in Hounslow
This registered charity aims to empower disadvantaged children between 6 and 11 by helping them with their reading. The award will be used to target children in Hounslow where 45% of residents are from ethnic minority backgrounds. The children will be given their own individual volunteer reader, or mentor, who will read with them twice a week for an academic year.
Amount: £4,660
Region: London