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22 Jan 2021
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24 Mar 2021
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Funding under Sport England's Crowdfunder Initiaive, 'Return to Play: Active Together'. This was an online crowdfunding campaign which Sport England contributed towards, with a pledge value of £10,000. They achieved themselves an addtional crowdfund raise value of £11,372 from 183 supporters ('the crowd'). The campaign's description was: 'We aim to raise £12,000 through donations and at the sam… more
Amount: £0
Funder: Sport England
Region: London
Grant to Chineke Foundation
Towards unrestricted core costs from the Racialised Communities Top Up Fund
Amount: £54,000
Recipient: Chineke Foundation
Region: London
Grant to BEfriend
towards three years' running costs of the 'Linked Mind Project' providing befriending, advocacy and support to people with mental health issues living in the London Borough of Ealing.
Amount: £176,800
Recipient: BEfriend
Region: London
The funding is for the salary of an advisor to provide advice, information and guidance as well as support services to unemployed, disadvantaged and socially excluded Somalis/disadvantaged BME communities living in Hounslow to access mainstream services in order to improve their quality of life.
Amount: £45,000
Recipient: ILAYS
Region: London
Covid Consequences
The funding will be used for staff training and to offer free or subsidised youth club activities. The project aims to improve the organisation's capacity to support the local community including those on low or no incomes.
Amount: £10,000
Region: London
Hounslow Community Centre
The funding will be used to cover the running costs of the community centre. The project aims to ensure the survival of the facility which is used well used by the community for a range of activities.
Amount: £10,000
Region: London
Nutrition for All
The funding will be used to provide good home-cooked nutritious food to the vulnerable in the community during the current pandemic. The project aims to provide a healthy meal and also reduce isolation through connecting with people.
Amount: £10,000
Region: London
Hounslow Citizens Advice Bureaux Service
The funding is for a 12-month extension of the Money Adviser post (funded by Wave3) which will enable them to continue to provide vital support to vulnerable Hounslow residents affected financially because of Covid-19, providing crisis intervention, alleviating hardship, maximising income, and preventing the risk of homelessness. COVID19 Recovery.
Amount: £48,685
Region: London
Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund Grant
To increase the capacity of the organisation to manage volunteers remotely.
Amount: £5,780
Recipient: BEfriend
Region: London
Grant to Bedfont and Feltham Football Club
Repair fencing to create safe space for players and visitors
Amount: £10,400
Region: London
Grant to Hounslow Men's Shed
Repairs and improvements to building to be used for community work
Amount: £63,800
Recipient: Hounslow Men's Shed
Region: London
Grant to The WB Yeats Art Project
Celebrate Bedford Park and Yeats through art installation
Amount: £35,000
Region: London
Grant to The Woodland Estate Residents Association
Installation of new windows at the community centre to improve sound and thermal installation
Amount: £3,306
Region: London
Grant to Feltham Community Development Association
To run activities which help residents overcome the effects of lockdown and support them to improve their physical, emotional and mental health.
Amount: £23,675
Region: London
Grant to Project Turn-Over
To re-engage young men and women aged 11-17 who have been affected by violence and/or grooming back into education and positive activities
Amount: £22,050
Recipient: Project Turn-Over
Region: London
Grant to Feltham Arts Association
Employ an Outreach Community Arts Worker to work on estates, providing an arts programme for children and families
Amount: £21,503
Region: London
Grant to Riana Development Network
Support Hounslow Council BAME tenants develop resilience to overcome negative Covid-19 outcomes through enhanced capacity and equitable access to resources.
Amount: £15,500
Region: London
Grant to Our Barn with Hounslow Parent Carer Forum
To enable Parent Carers to confidently access digital media, through the provision of equipment and training for personal business, social and education purposes
Amount: £14,934
Region: London
Grant to Heston West Big Local
To support and signpost Hounslow housing tenants on a face to face basis, providing information to services they can’t link into digitally.
Amount: £10,750
Region: London