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23 Jan 2002
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10 Sep 2002
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core costs
Towards core costs
Amount: £30,000
Region: London
clown doctors
To continue the work of the clown doctors in hospitals for sick children.
Amount: £2,500
Region: London
Summer playscheme
Towards a summer playscheme for children and young people from Islington and adjacent boroughs providing craft, gardening and animal based activities at the farm.
Amount: £2,920
Region: London
Grant awarded to Royal Mencap Society (North East)
To provide training for learning disabled members of the Northumberland and Tyne and Wear committees to enable them to participate in meetings.
Amount: £45,000
Region: London
Grant awarded to The Children's Society - National (Tyne & Wear)
Towards the salary costs of a worker based in the West End of Newcastle.
Amount: £42,000
Region: London
Grant awarded to Afasic (North East)
To support young people with speech and language impairments, in Teesside.
Amount: £27,000
Recipient: Afasic
Region: London
Grant awarded to Royal Mencap Society (North East)
To contribute towards the North East Advisor Service.
Amount: £40,000
Region: London
Grant awarded to Help the Aged (Durham)
Towards a new service installing safety and security equipment in the homes of vulnerable older people in the County Durham area.
Amount: £60,000
Recipient: Help the Aged
Region: London
Regional Coordinator
To support a Regional Co-ordinator for the north of England
Amount: £202,058
Region: London
parents guidelines
Towards preparation and writing-up of guidelines for support groups for parents of people with autism. Trustees indicated that they would also be interested in principle in considering a further small grant towards publicity and dissemination of guidelines in due course.
Amount: £1,550
Region: London