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23 Jan 2006
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21 Dec 2006
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A Second World War Veteran from London has been awarded a grant towards travel costs for a commemorative visit to South France in March of this year. _x000B__x000B_Funding has also been provided for a carer to travel with the Veteran. _x000B_
First Gear Social Education Project
Moroccan Community Welfare Group was established in April 1994 which aims to enhance the social and educational development of the large Arabic community in Kensington and Chelsea. This grant will fund training for young people to become First Gear Facilitators though UK Youth.
Art/Craft Workshops
The group will introduce the Byzantine civilization to larger public awareness by organsing workingshops involving participants of all age to work with artists and tutors on creation of art/craft based on Byzantine models.
Amount: £4,950
Recipient: Pro Art
Region: London
Educational and Cultural Opportunities
The group will use this award to undertake six pilot schemes aimed at providing meaningful cultural and educational opportunities to sixteen people with learning disabilities. A professional support team will help to facilitate a number of interactive visits to the Victoria & Albert Museum to encourage participants to engage with the huge range of historic and cultural resources that are available within the city.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Lyndons Arts Trust
Region: London
Design and construction of mosaic mural
This organisation aims to enrich and strengthen links between the school and the local community by providing facilities, equipment and extra curricular activities. The award will be used to fund joint work between pupils and patients from the local mental health hospital to design and construct a mosaic mural, to be followed by an educational presentation at a school assembly. This aim is to educate about mental illness, reduce the stigma attached to it, and foster understanding.
Awareness Video
A group of services users will make a video about the problems that people with mobility difficulties face accessing services, buildings, shops and transport in the Westminster area. Several service users will then be invited to make short films to illustrate access problems in their daily lives. The films will be shown at a Westminster Learning Disabilities Partnership meeting to inform the local authority about the difficulties people have with access.
International Conference
The award will be used to hold the first biennial conference entitled 'Home and Away: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives'.
Amount: £3,940
Region: London
Teenage Parents - Our Stories
The will work with a group of local young people for three months to make a video based on their stories and experiences of being teenage parents. The project will focus on enabling the group to devise the story, script and characters in the video and will also teach technical skills in camera, lighting, sound and editing. They will hold a public screening of the finished film to celebrate their … more
Amount: £4,965
Recipient: The Video College
Region: London
Arabic Teacher
The group will use their award to coordinate a series of Arabic language workshops for young people aged 5 to 18 from the Moroccan community based in Kensington & Chelsea. This supplementary school will be based at The Golbourne Youth Centre after school and on Saturdays.
Amount: £4,465
Region: London
St. Francis' Family Centre - 'Time out for Parents'
The group will use funding to launch 'Time Out for Parents' at St Francis Family Centre in Tower Hamlets, a week long programme of activities for parents and carers. The Group would like to make this an annual event for parents and carers.
Community Mosaic Building
The award will be used to organise a community mosaic building activity to take place on the Lancaster West Estate.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Westway Project
Region: London
Enfield and Waltham Forest Travellers' Project
The group will use the award to coordinate a programme of dance and music workshops for young people aged 3 to 24 from the traveller community based in a number of boroughs across London. They will seek to develop a broad skills base that will serve as the foundation for a series of performances throughout the city.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: The Flying Gorillas
Region: London
The organisation will use an award to equip a newly constructed building with a kitchen and toilets which are fully accessible by the disabled. They will then be able to host community group meetings.
Amount: £5,000
Region: London
Money Matters
The group will use funding to run workshops aimed at increasing awareness of the range of financial help available to older people and of issues to do with fuel poverty.
Amount: £3,780
Recipient: Sixty Plus
Region: London
light installation and concert
Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust will create a 20 piece site specific light installation using lit acrylic globes surmounted by sculptural collages. The collages would be made by paediatric patients at Royal Brompton Hospital in the Chelsea Children's Hospital School and the Cystic Fibrosis Unit. The work would be shown in the Hospitals garden restaurant which is open to the public for 6 months
My African Heritage Public Art Project
The award will fund a feasibility study for a public arts mural on the theme of 'My African Heritage'. The consultation will help to build links with the local community and serve as a foundation for the group's future work.
Amount: £4,955
Region: London
Health + Cultural Orientation Workshops for Children+Families of African De
The group aims to improve the quality of life and social welfare of African Women. Funding will go towards organising health-related workshops for children, and two cultural orientation workshops for them to learn about different cultures.
Active Age
The project will continue and develop the organisation's provision of health-related activities for older people in various London boroughs. Activities are hosted in a range of venues such as community centres, sheltered housing schemes and libraries. New activities will be introduced including healthy eating, cookery and talks on medical conditions.
Amount: £248,191
Recipient: Open Age
Region: London
Clydesdale House Xmas Lighting Project
The group will install a range of specialised electrical equipment to meet strict health and safety guidelines. This will allow them to provide festive lighting for residents.
Grove House Mother & Baby
The group will provide basic computer and ESOL training, healthy living sessions and indoor adventure playground sessions for their hostel residents in order to improve their quality of life and increase their skill levels.
Amount: £4,790
Recipient: Havengrove Limited
Region: London