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24 Jan 2012
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13 Dec 2012
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College Sport Makers
Funding under Sport England's College Sport Makers funding programme for a Revenue project titled College Sport Makers. This project lists its main activity as Sports development
Amount: £122,500
Funder: Sport England
Region: London
Safer Neighbourhood Scheme
Funding under Sport England's Small Grants funding programme for a Revenue project titled Safer Neighbourhood Scheme. This project lists its main activity as Association Football
Amount: £6,800
Funder: Sport England
Recipient: London Sports Trust
Region: London
Rain Trust, The - 1
Support for the Positively Seniors Project to improve the quality of life and health of older people affected by HIV
Amount: £3,000
Funder: London Catalyst
Recipient: Rain Trust, The
Region: London
Hodan Somali Community - 1
Health and awareness sessions for older Somali community members
Amount: £1,500
Funder: London Catalyst
Region: London
The Cara Trust - 1
Hardship Fund
Amount: £1,500
Funder: London Catalyst
Recipient: The Cara Trust
Region: London
St Cuthberts Centre - 1
Health and Belief Employment of a full time Co-ordinator to support new Mental Health Outreach Worker
Amount: £3,000
Funder: London Catalyst
Recipient: St Cuthberts Centre
Region: London
Towards sleeping bags and roll mats
Towards sleeping bags and roll mats for the temporary winter night shelter.
Amount: £1,000
Region: London
Big Local in World's End Estate and Lots Road area
Big Local is an exciting opportunity for residents in 150 areas around England to use at least £1m each to make a massive and lasting positive difference to their communities. Big Local brings together all the local talent, ambitions, skills and energy from individuals, groups and organisations who want to make their area an even better place to live. Big Local is funded by the Big Lottery Fund a… more
Amount: £1,149,250
Funder: Local Trust
Region: London
Heroes Return
A Second World War veteran from London has been awarded a grant towards travel costs for a commemorative visit to France in April 2012. Funding has been provided for one Second World War veteran and one carer.
Intensive Journalism Courses
This is a project by a charity in Kensington and Chelsea. The group will use the funding to run intensive journalism courses covering graphic design, interviewing, article writing, public relations, presentation and photography for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This will enable beneficiaries to gain skills and knowledge in media, provide opportunities for employment through publishing their work in magazines, and lead to further education or employment.
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: Tamezin Media Trust
Region: London
Positive Health and Well-being
This new project for Rain Trust aims to improve the health and wellbeing of African people living with HIV in London, by providing local and peer-led activities to address isolation and depression, and address the need for exercise and healthy eating to maintain a longer term quality of life. Around 80% of clients do not have regular contact with people or take part in physical activities, accord… more
Amount: £172,839
Recipient: The Rain Trust
Region: London
New Horizons
This project aims to help older people to remain fit, active and independent, reducing social isolation and encouraging new interests. Activities on offer include IT and language classes, arts and crafts, photography, a book group, carers' groups, games and social activities as well as a range of health and keep-fit classes. Older people are encouraged to volunteer on the project, producing their own newsletter and helping to lead or support activities.
Amount: £78,486
Recipient: Open Age
Region: London
Skills & Education Development Centre
This is a project by a charity in Kensington and Chelsea. The group will use the funding to run a skills development and educational support centre for disadvantaged people. This will help reduce social exclusion and improve English and ICT skills.
Volunteer Training
This is a project by a community organisation in Kensington and Chelsea, serving beneficiaries across England. The group will use the funding to provide workshops including recruitment of volunteers, induction and training and a showcase event for small community organisations. This will provide an opportunity for different groups to share their projects and build on their knowledge and experience to better support beneficiaries.
Amount: £108,253
Region: London