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19 Jan 2021
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28 Apr 2021
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Grant to Spectra
Towards project costs to support the Trans Learning Partnership, particularly in the structural inclusion of trans people with lived experience of racial inequalities
Amount: £370,207
Recipient: Spectra
Region: London
Grant to Migrants Organise Ltd
Towards unrestricted core costs from the Racialised Communities Top Up Fund
Amount: £54,000
Region: London
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: West London Zone
Region: London
Third year of core funding toward the expansion of the Get Further tutoring programme, channelled through Ark
Year three of core funding toward the development and scaling of Get Further's catch-up maths and english tuition programme, for students in further education. This funding round has been passed through Ark, for matched funding under the Ark Community Match Challenge.
Amount: £35,000
Funder: ZING
Region: London
New Citizens Voice -Podcasts
The funding will be used to create a series of podcasts by refugees and members of other migrant groups. The project aims to encourage integration through people sharing their experiences and engaging with the wider community.
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: New Citizens' Voice
Region: London
Facemasks through Co-Design
The funding will be used to deliver a co-designed facemask project and safe mask awareness raising campaign in partnership with local community groups to support people from deprived backgrounds who are at higher risk of catching Covid-19. The project aims to give people the physical and psychological safety to re-engage in public life improve their physical and mental health and build relationships between participants who might feel able to meet for a physically distanced walk in their masks.
Amount: £9,125
Recipient: Open Age
Region: London
Tuff Resilience
The funding will be used to deliver outreach work and counselling sessions. The project aims to support people whose mental health has been adversely affected during the Covid-19 pandemic due to issues including bereavement and social isolation.
Amount: £10,000
Region: London
Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund Grant
To support the organisation so that it is able to better cater to the mental health and wellbeing requirements of 40 of its most severely affected volunteers.
Amount: £5,940
Recipient: Solidarity Sports
Region: London
CHK Emergency /Disaster Grant
to support specified work
Amount: £50,000
Funder: CHK Foundation
Recipient: Intouniversity
Region: London
CHK Discretionary Grant
to support specified work
Amount: £15,000
Funder: CHK Foundation
Region: London
A grant towards essential roof repairs and drainage works at Chelsea Adventure Playground
A grant towards essential roof repairs and drainage works at Chelsea Adventure Playground
Amount: £20,000
Recipient: KIDS
Region: London