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13 Jan 2006
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13 Dec 2006
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Extend service and volunteer recruitment
This organisation provides free and confidential information and advice to everyone who needs it. Trained volunteers deliver the service and the organisation have found it increasingly difficult to recruit. The project is to positively campaign to attract and recruit people with disabilities to train as volunteers.
Amount: £3,954
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District
Increasing participation
This group provides facilities and qualified coaching to enable women and girls to play, and develop skills in, football. The project is to purchase additional training kits. The award is for 125 training kits.
Amount: £4,000
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District
A project aiming to get young people in the area involved with voluntary wo
The project will enable the group to continue to work with young people aged 13 -25 offering opportunities for volunteering. There are three ways young people can be involved in the project, through starting their own project, through a taskforce (group of young people who respond to people who need urgent assistance) and through matching young people with volunteering opportunities they want with local voluntary and community groups.
Amount: £35,889
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District
The Space
This project will provide equipment and staffing to offer a new range of activities for all ages in the community. Planned activities include fitness classes, educational classes, multi-activity event and martial arts. The award is for equipment, fitness instruction and coaching courses.
Amount: £1,630
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District
girl's team
This group promotes and provides facilities for the playing of cricket in and around Kettering. The project will provide coaching and facilities for a girls' cricket team. The award is for cricket kit, hall hire, coaching, facility hire and transport.
Amount: £2,692
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District
This society provides training and facilities to develop knowledge in photography for all abilities. The project will upgrade exisiting equipment to allow the group to present images in digital form.
Denham College Training
Group members will attend courses at Denman College, the national WI training college. This will allow them to pass on their new skills to other members and will also promote team building in a relatively new WI.
Amount: £3,510
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District
Action for Youth
The group educates young people, parents and carers in solvent abuse with the aim of preventing related crime, accidents and deaths. The project is to run a series of six forums for young people, targeting those who are often excluded: the disabled, those with learning difficulties and those in secure units. This award will provide the opportunity for young people to increase their knowledge and participate in the planning and development of the group's services.
Amount: £9,922
Recipient: SOLVE IT
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District
Future Development of the Archaeological Society
This group wishes to develop the society by arranging lectures from outside experts to extend members knowledge and expertise. Considerable interest has been shown in the bath house site by local residents, schools and other societies. The project award will allow this site to be surveyed and further excavated to locate buildings associated with the bath house to help local communities share their heritage.
Amount: £2,852
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District
This organisation provides a variety of creative activities that promote mental health and raise awareness of mental health issues. The project is to run a series of sculpture workshops giving up to 25 people the opportunity to work with professional artists to develop their skills and produce pieces of individual creative art.
Extending Horizons
The Women's Institute plan to send 30 women to Denman College in order to learn new skills relating to the countryside, heritage, craft and health. They will attain new skills and knowledge that can in turn be passed on through the rest of the group.
Amount: £5,840
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District
Replacement of Doors in Hall
This village hall will use the award to purchase new fire doors to replace dilapidated doors which are now presenting a health and safety risk.
Amount: £2,000
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District
Volunteer Enabling Project
The project will recruit volunteers from the community and provide training and equipment. Its aim is to recruit an additional ten volunteers to increase the capacity of the organisation and subsequently increase the number of clients helped.
A holistic range of services will resolve inequalities in health care for older people, young parents and children in Kettering. Healthy lifestyle, family support and handyperson services will be interconnected to identify needs, provide advice and support and point people to other services where necessary.
Amount: £495,497
Region: East Midlands
District: Kettering District