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17 Jan 2012
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10 Dec 2012
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Heroes Return
A Second World War veteran from Belfast has been awarded a grant towards travel costs for a commemorative visit to France, Belgium, Holland and Germany in May 2012. Funding has been provided for one Second World War veteran.
St Patrick's Masonic Hall Energy Efficiency
Based in Lisburn, the project will use their grant to 29 single glazed windows with new PVC double glazing units complete with a-rated energy efficient glass. They will also carry out an energy audit to find out where they are wasting energy and identify the improvements they need to make in the future.
Crewe Energy Efficiency Improvements
Based in Glenavy, the project will use their grant to install a new energy efficient heating system. Insulation will also be installed in the ceiling. Other improvements will include insulation of walls and double glazing
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: Crewe LOL 124
Beyond Words
The grant is being used to run the 'Beyond Words' project. The 5-year programme will support people over 60, particularly those living in sheltered accommodation, stroke survivors (with resulting communication difficulties know as aphasia) and their carers'. Awareness raising session including information workshops creating awareness of key issues of bereavement and how to address them will be developed and co-ordinated. Recruitment and training of 150 volunteers will be rolled out.
Amount: £478,944
Diamond Vintage: 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Indoor Show
Based in Moira, the Club will use their grant to hold a celebratory event marking the tenth anniversary of their indoor show.
Amount: £4,050
Insulation of main building
The project will use their grant to install loft and ceiling installation, including the lagging of roof space.
Templemore Users Trust - Energy Efficient Scheme
Based in Templemore Avenue, east Belfast, the project will use their grant to improve the energy efficiency of their swimming baths and fitness centre. Energy efficient lighting will be installed and an energy audit will be carried out to determine where they are wasting energy and identify the improvements they need to make in the future.
Amount: £2,000
Grow it- Eat it- Thrive
Based in Dunrod, the school will use their grant to extend curriculum activities.
Amount: £8,813
Lisburn Safer and Friendlier Environment (SAFE) project
The project will use their grant to recruit and train volunteers in conflict awareness, mediation and reconciliation which will support vulnerable people within the local community during contentious times of the year.
Round Tower Community Regeneration
The group will use the grant to supply and fit a new kitchen in the group's premises.
Building Communities in Stoneyford
The project, based in Stoneyford, will use their grant to replace the aging boiler with a new energy efficient condensing oil fired boiler, install cavity wall and ceiling insulation. They will also replace the single glazed windows with double glazed PVC windows.
Amount: £7,881
Young People, Autism and Criminal Justice
The grant will be used to address the lack of understanding and confusion regarding appropriate 'social norms' experienced by young people with ASD/Asperger's Syndrome which can lead to inappropriate social interaction, illegal behaviour and difficulties with the PSNI and CJS. The project will work to ensure that the PSNI and the CJS are aware of the needs and difficulties of young people with A… more
Amount: £400,953
Recipient: Autism NI (PAPA)
The grant will be used to run 'Inside Out' project, which will work with young male offenders aged 16-20 from Hydebank Wood Young Offenders Centre, Belfast, many whom are care experienced and/or disengaged from education. The young men face issues such as a lack of confidence, skills & qualifications, an inability to prove their worth to employers, fear of discrimination, a lack of positive role models and support networks. The project will assist & provide support addressing these issues.
Amount: £491,441
Grow for it!
The grant will be used to run the 'Grow For It project' which will target 15-19 year olds who are disconnected from society, involved in crime/anti-social behaviour and or/disengaging from school. The project aims to build resilience and improve the life chances of participants and will develop an allotment site which the young people will be involved in. Through this process it is hoped that they learn about 'reaping tomorrow what you sow today' and apply this to their lives in general.
Derriaghy Over 50 Group Summer Outing on 21 June 2012
The grant will be used to provide educational days outing for their group members.
Amount: £1,524
Vehicle Replacement Project
The group provides scooters and wheelchairs for people in Lisburn with temporary or permanent mobility problems, the grant will be used to purchase five new scooters.
Amount: £4,750
Steps To Cope Project
The grant will support young people across all Health Trusts in Northern Ireland, who are affected by parental alcohol misuse, using the Steps to Cope (Stoc) intervention. This structured intervention has been adapted for young people aged between 11-18 from the '5-Step Method', an internationally evidenced intervention, developed by the UK Alcohol, Drugs & Family Research Group, which reduces stress & improves coping for family members living with a alcohol misuse.
Pound Bridge Golden Jubilee Celebrations
The group, which provides community based activities and cultural events, has used the funding for a range of events including tree planting and a celebration of the Queen's Jubilee in July.
Alcohol and You
The South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust has developed a portfolio of four projects that is designed, over a four year period, to fill identified gaps in existing service provision relating to alcohol misuse. This is based on a comprehensive scoping exercise by the Eastern Drug and Alcohol Coordination Team in 2010, a Trust wide consultation in June 2011 and subsequent consultations.
Laganview Enterprise Centre
The group, which offers rooms to hire for local community groups, charities and the public and private sector, will use the grant to install a new heating system and insulation in a workshop room used by the local Streets Ahead project. They will also carry out an energy audit to find out where they are wasting energy and identify the improvements they need to make in the future.