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27 Jan 2005
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10 Dec 2020
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Grant to Bangor Shared Space
Bangor Courthouse Start Up Grant
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: Bangor Shared Space
Grant to Ards and North Down Borough Council
St Columbanus / Bangor Christian Heritage Development Projects
Amount: £40,000
Grant to Superact
The Last Post WW1 Commemoration Project
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: Superact
Grant to Ards and North Down Borough Council
World War, Local People: The impact of 1916 on Ards and North Down
Amount: £10,000
Grant to Ards and North Down Borough Council
Exploring the industrial and commercial heritage of Ards and North Down
Amount: £44,400
Grant to Harmoni 2019
NIID and 'The Cripples' Institute': A 140 Year History
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: Harmoni 2019
There is no project name available for this record
This library will use an award to organise workshops with WWII local veterans so that their memories are recorded for posterity. These workshops will be facilitated by a variety of mentors who will have the skills to illicit and capture memories from the groups. The resulting material would be translated into lasting artistic expressions, including poems, artwork, photography and written accounts.
VE Day Commemorations
This Local Authority has been awarded a grant as partial funding towards an air show, VE Day Musical event and an exhibition. The show will feature aircraft from the period such as the Spitfire and Bombers. On the ground the Military Vehicle Society and the Re-enactment Society will be involved giving people a taste of what conditions were like in the Second World War. The Musical event will be an indoor concert with music from the 40s and seating up to 300 people of all ages.
Amount: £20,000
Salaries & running costs
Whitehill Community Association aims to enhance the image of the area, improve inter-generational relations, thus reducing anti social behaviour of young people and improve inclusion of older people in the area, encourage greater community involvement, develop a skill pool within the community and enhancing community relations to statutory bodies and neighbouring communities.
Amount: £45,937
Exhibition, concert and party
The Abbey Villa Football Club has been awarded a grant to allow them to host a 1940's style 60th anniversary of WW2 celebration event.
Amount: £16,370
WW2 Commemoration Activities
This group will hold a range of activities to commemorate the end of the Second World War. The activities will include a talk by a local historian, a visit to Enniskillen museum, a community remembrance festival and social dance with entertainment by a swing band and a group playing 1940s hits. The group will also create a Second World War exhibition entitled 'Trip down memory lane' to educate school children and local people about the war.
60th Anniversary Weekend Celebration
Bowtown Youth Group in County Down will use an award to host a 60th anniversary V.E. Day commemoration event, this will include a weekend of events and the local community will be invited to attend.
Amount: £13,324
Recipient: Bowtown Youth Club
Veterans Day/Tea Dance/Street Party
A project to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of WW2 with the provision of a four day event which will include an evening of old time music and a variety show, a tea dance for the over sixties, a big band concert evening and a street party for the benefit of members of this community based in Newtownards, Ards.
Family Fun Day, Educational Evening and Reminiscence Evening
The Donaghadee Community Partnership group will use an award to commemorate the 60th anniversary of WW2 by holding a family fun day that will include 1940's style music, a local WW2 re-enactment group, and a display of military vehicles and equipment from the WW2 period. The group will also be holding an educational evening, and a reminiscence event. These events will be open to the local community.
Amount: £19,294
The Green Machine Project
BTCV, which operates locally as Conservation Volunteers NI, will use the grant to continue and expand, its Green Machine project, delivering short environmental workshops and activities to young people and the general public._x000B__x000B__x000B_ _x000B_The grant, over two years, will partially support the salary of a f/t Green Machine project officer, accommodation, general running expenses, producing information and travel for staff and volunteers._x000B_
Amount: £17,665
A Sporting Chance
Links to Active Participation will deliver a range of physical activities targeted at those with a disability. Activities to be provided will include sailing, archery, and swimming. A multi-sports programme to include bowls, badminton, yoga and chair-based activities will also be delivered to those who are in a wheelchair. 460 beneficiaries within the North Down and Ards areas will be targeted.
Amount: £29,204
Healthy Lifestyle Project
This one-year project will provide affordable physical activity to socially excluded and marginalised women in a safe and local environment. The project will target 40 women, addressing issues such as financial and childcare support to increase participation in physical activity. Activities to be provided to participants will include yoga and kick-boxing.
Amount: £25,615
Community Training and Publishing Project
The group provides a range of services to adults and children in the North Down area, including young people and older people's groups. The project will enable the group to produce it's own course materials for parenting and training, including sending out weekly newsletters, through the purchase of computer equipment.
Amount: £10,000
Residential, classes, trips
The group holds social and recreational activities for its members. The grant will enable group members to participate in physical activities and attend a residential and four outings.
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: The 55 Plus Club