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01 Feb 2019
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18 Dec 2019
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Grant to Portaferry Regeneration Ltd
Portaferry: Sustaining Our Heritage
Amount: £55,500
Portaferry and Strangford Trust - Preserving our Maritime Past
The group, based in Portaferry, holds an archive of information on the area's maritime past. They are using a grant of £9,000 to train volunteers and to buy equipment to facilitate the safe storage of archival materials, including shelving and storage, a dehumidifier and heater, and computers for use by the group.
Amount: £9,000
fightED - Lifting our Profile and Raising Awareness
The group, based in Groomsport, supports, educates and empowers families affected by eating disorders. They are using a grant of £9,700 to run workshops for the families they support, buy office equipment and pay for promotional materials.
Amount: £9,700
Recipient: FIGHTED
North Down & Ards Women's Aid Centre receiving a Face Lift
The group, based in Bangor, supports women and children experiencing domestic or sexual violence. They are using a grant of £9,950 to repair and upgrade their facilities to make them more fit for purpose, including new sky lights, decorations, and radiators.
Amount: £9,950
North Down & Ards U3A Observatory
The organisation, based in Bangor, is using a grant of £10,000 to build a small community observatory on the Clandeboye estate to encourage people to learn about astronomy and get hands-on experience with the subject.
uHub Therapy Centre CIC - uHub Innovate Project
The organisation, based in Bangor, supports children, young people and adults with mental health problems or a disability through counselling, life coaching, music therapy and group work. They are using a grant of £10,000 for temporary staff to support the group's work.
Amount: £10,000
D.I.C.E Connections Improving the lives of young people in Bangor
The two-year project is working with people aged 10-15 from the Bloomfield, Breezemount, Clandeboye and Whitehill areas in Bangor who face challenges like risk of criminal behaviour, problems at school, poor self-esteem and poverty. They are using a £199,000 grant to develop young people's skills, increase their resilience and self-belief, and improve their health and wellbeing. Activities includ… more
Amount: £199,000
Huddle Up Project
uHub Therapy Centre CIC, based in Bangor, is using a £198,890 grant to fund the 'Huddle Up' project over the next two years to improve the mental health and emotional well-being of children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), social and behavioural issues or issues around emotional well-being. Activities include workshops, one-to-one support and online self-help resources and s… more
Amount: £218,690
Portaferry Community Services Ltd Recreation Hub Manager
The group, based in Portaferry, is using a grant of £10,000 to pay for a temporary recreation hub manager. The manager will support the group's work running social, recreational and educational events and activities for local people.
Amount: £10,000
Urban Chef Pennisula Cook School
The group, based outside Portaferry, supports low income families, older and younger people, refugees and asylum seekers to learn about sustainable, nutritious eating. They are using a £9,650 grant to run a programme of nutrition and cooking workshops in local community kitchens. At the end of the course they will hold a celebration event to bring people from different cultures together to share food and learn from one another.
Amount: £9,650
Heart of the Dorn - Breathing Space - Recharge days for Family Carers
The organisation, based in Ardquin outside Portaferry, supports families, carers, people struggling with a recent serious diagnosis, and people experiencing stress or trauma. They are using a grant of £9,710 to run day retreats and workshops to help people recharge and develop skills in coping with stress.
Portavogie Coastal Rowing Club - PCRC Skiff Housing/club house
The club, based in Portavogie, supports people to take part in coastal rowing to improve their mental and physical health and make new friends. They are using a grant of £9,475 for a club house for the group's members to use to socialise and hold meetings, as well as storing their boat.
Amount: £9,475
PTA Alexander Dickson PS ADPS Community IT Project
The organisation, based in Ballygowan, is using a grant of £9,986 to create a digital hub to support pupils' ICT education. To do this they are buying computers and books and renovating an outdoor classroom to provide suitable premises.
Portaferry Gala Festival - Pulling together for Portaferry
The group, based in Portaferry, runs a range of family events to build a sense of community. They used the £9,800 to buy materials to build floats and make costumes, face painting equipment and face painting training, which supported local groups to get involved and work together to share knowledge, ideas and skills.
Amount: £9,800
Bloomfield Community Association - Brighter Bloomfield for all
The group, based in Bangor, supports local people by running activities and events to bring people together and build a sense of community. They are using a grant of £9,300 to run a range of activities, including a reminiscence project, bingo, ICT skills for older people, fitness and physical activity sessions, complementary therapies, a gardening project, and outings and trips.
Amount: £9,300
Breezemount Community Association Building Our Brilliant Breezemount
The group, based in Conlig, runs community events, activities and programmes to bring local people together to learn new skills, make friends, and build a sense of community. They are using a grant of £9,060 to run a programme of activities, including a weekly mums' and tots' group, health talks, arts and crafts, cookery, a dance programme for young people and a community planting project for loc… more
Amount: £9,060
Ballyholme Yacht Club - Centenary Community Development Programme
The organisation, based in Ballyholme, is a community sailing club that gives people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to use sailing to improve their health and wellbeing through physical activity and socialising. They are using a grant of £10,000 to run a programme of events to encourage newcomers the sport, especially women and disabled people. They are also buying buoyancy aids and wetsuits to support their work.
Amount: £10,000
James Dalzell Memorial LOL 1951 - Modernisation of memorial hall
The organisation, based in Newtownards, is using a grant of £10,00 to refurbish their hall, including making improvements to its kitchen and replacing its floor, to make it more fit for use by the community.
Amount: £10,000
Carrowdore Primary School PTA - rebuild and renew 2019
Carrowdore Primary School PTA, based outside Newtownards, is using a grant of £10,000 to update the primary one and two playground area, to create a better play environment for the students.
Amount: £10,000
Neurodiversity UK - Look after your mind project
Neurodiversity UK, based in Comber, provides emotional and practical support and assistance to people with mental health issues and their families. Using a grant of £10,000 the group are providing activities for families to improve mental health and well-being.
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: Neurodiversity UK