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09 Jan 2019
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17 Dec 2019
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Outdoor Activity Project for Young People with Complex needs
Funding under Sport England's Small Grants funding programme for a Revenue project titled Outdoor Activity Project for Young People with Complex needs. This project is a Multi Sports project, with a focus on beneficiaries with a disability.
Amount: £8,475
Funder: Sport England
Region: North West
Towards a summer playscheme
Towards a summer playscheme.
Amount: £450
Region: North West
Creative activities for children visiting fathers in prison
Towards creative activities for children visiting fathers in prison.
Amount: £1,500
Region: North West
Grant to Bacup Family Centre Ltd
as a development grant towards an IT system for a family centre in Bacup
Amount: £7,000
Funder: The Tudor Trust
Region: North West
Grant to Bacup Family Centre Ltd
over six months as bridging funding towards the core costs of an organisation supporting families and individuals in crisis in the Pennine Road area of Bacup
Amount: £40,000
Funder: The Tudor Trust
Region: North West
Grant to The Whitaker Organisation CIC
DIALECT-I-FEST with Brass on the Grass
Amount: £7,900
Region: North West
Grant to Rossendale Borough Council
Deardengate Big Lamp - Shining Light on Haslingden's Heritage
Amount: £112,500
Region: North West
Grant to PCC of St Nicholas, Newchurch, Rossendale
A renewed Churchyard for Newchurch; volunteers restoring, reclaiming and revitalising common ground
Amount: £38,300
Region: North West
Grant to Valley Heritage
Unlocking the future of Stubbylee Hall
Amount: £48,700
Recipient: Valley Heritage
Region: North West
Grant to Reaching Empowerment And Diversity CIC
Knowing You, Knowing Me - helping BAME communities to preserve their Family Tree & Heritage
Amount: £10,000
Region: North West
Safety Bubble - Pilot Project
The funding will be used to deliver a pilot to address vulnerable adults going missing, utilising GPS tracking technology with bespoke designed software, a caring volunteer support team and a network of partners, like-minded charities, groups and organisations. Money from the funding will go towards equipment including software/CRM, two computers and two headsets, room hire, volunteer training and expenses and marketing.
Amount: £9,950
Region: North West
Whitworth Youth
The organisation will increase their capacity to deliver youth club activities to young people in the local area, with the aim of reducing isolation and increasing the confidence and self-esteem of local young people. Funding will go towards sessional workers, venue hire, equipment and development support.
Amount: £9,968
Region: North West
CAST Capacity Building Project
The project aims to support the growth of the organisation, enabling it to increase its social impact. Funding will be used to employ two members of staff who will work to support, increase the capacity and improve the sustainability of the organisation to help it to effectively delivery health and wellbeing projects within the community.
Amount: £9,984
Region: North West
Fitness through football for under 11s
The project aims to deliver a youth academy for boys and girls aged 6-11 to provide exercise and improve health and well-being.
Amount: £9,996
Region: North West
Going places
The project aims to provide digital skills and to broaden the horizons of people who are limited by their circumstances to a small world view.The school will deliver a programme in after school clubs and at the local Youth Centre which will give them virtual experiences of other places across the world, and allow them to make their own films for the same format. Funding will go towards RedboxVR 20 User iNcharge kit, camera, iPad mini, Macbook, and storage for the above.
Amount: £10,000
Region: North West
The Therapeutic Forest Early Support
The organisation will pilot an outdoor play project with paediatric therapy support for children with learning disabilities aged 0-5, with the aim of aiding early development and improving access to appropriate play activities.
Amount: £6,580
Region: North West
Trickett's Memorial Ground
The charity will repair and relay tarmac paths in Trickett's Memorial Ground with the aim of attracting more visitors to the area and making it an important community space again.
Amount: £9,000
Region: North West
Haslingden Peace Garden
The organisation will deliver community workshops to develop a plot of derelict land in the local community, with the aim of creating a green space and to bring the local community together.
Amount: £9,792
Region: North West
Veterans in Production
The funding will be used to provide opportunities for ex-armed forces personnel and other members of the community to come together and produce wooden garden items, hanging baskets and allotment items. The project aims to help participants to improve their mental wellbeing while also supporting the development of stronger community relationships.
Amount: £9,998
Region: North West
The It Works Hub Community Project
The company will establish a work hub where people with additional needs can come together to train and develop roles which are tailored to their desires and capabilities. The project aims to provide tailored work experience for beneficiaries with the ambition of helping more people find fulfilling work.