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18 Jan 2012
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06 Dec 2012
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'Gwella ansawdd ein Cylch'
Cylch Meithrin Talgarreg will purchase new indoor and outdoor play equipment, go on 3 trips and provide 6 different activity workshops. This project meets the Awards for All aim of improving the quality of life. The grant for £5,000 will fund play equipment, workshops, travel costs and volunteer expenses.
Amount: £5,000
Region: Wales
Teithio Llenyddol a Diwillianol yn cael eu Cofnodi Trwy Technoleg.
Cangen Merched Y Wawr Felinfach a'r Cylch will host two trips and purchase IT equipment. This project meets the Awards for All aim of improving the quality of life. The grant for £1,902 will fund coach hire, entrance fees, a laptop, a camera, a printer, paper and ink.
Y Gangen yn Dathlu Deugan Mlynedd Ers ei Sefydlu
Merched Y Wawr - Cangen Llandysul will celebrate their 40th anniversary by hosting a lunch and taking a trip. This project meets the Awards for All aim of improving the quality of life. The grant for £2,090 will fund tables, chairs, outings, camera, printer, paper and ink.
Amount: £2,090
Region: Wales
Diamond Jubilee Celebration Parties
Llansantffraed Community Council will organise a community tea party in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This project meets the Awards for All aim of supporting community activity. The grant for £2,500 will fund venue hire, hire of a bouncy castle and catering
Amount: £2,321
Region: Wales
Reflections of Past Times
Clwb Croeso Llandysul will purchase a laptop and organise three trips for members. This project meets the Awards for All aim of improving the quality of life. The grant for £2,720 will fund a laptop, outings and refreshments.
Amount: £2,720
Region: Wales
Footprints in the Woods
Outside Education in Powys will provide forest school sessions for a group of children who are being home educated to encourage families to learn outside and respect and understand nature. The project meets the Awards for All aim of 'increasing skills and creativity'. This grant for £4,102 will fund forest school leaders and artists fees, forest school leader training, travel costs, materials, exhibition and administration costs and refreshments.
Aberffwrdd and Cwm Reidol Dail a Ride Service and it's Promotion.
Ystwyth Community Transport Group will run a trial minibus dial a ride service. This project meets the Awards for All aim of extending access and participation. The grant for £4,487 will fund fuel, sessional staff wages and promotional leaflets.
Amount: £4,487
Region: Wales
Llanrhystud Play Association
Llanrhystud Play Association will establish open access play sessions for children in Llanrhystud after school and during the holidays. The project meets the Awards for All aim of 'extending access and participation'. This grant for £4,986 will fund the costs of a play leader and play assistant, refreshments, play equipment, publicity, insurance and payroll and recruitment costs.
Amount: £4,986
Region: Wales
Outreach Office South Ceredigion
Eich Dewis Chi/Your Choice will establish an outreach office for the group in Cardigan from where they will work to support current services and develop new initiatives for adults with mental health issues and learning disabilities in Ceredigion. This grant for £4,970 will fund venue rental, telephone installation, digital camera, video camera, web cam, microphone, administration and publicity costs.
Amount: £4,970
Region: Wales
Clwb Ni - Aberystwyth Intergenerational Club
Clwb Ni Intergenerational Club in Aberystwyth will provide intergenerational activities for school pupils and older people living in sheltered accommodation including a visit to a prisoner of war camp, a trip on a steam train a visit to a pantomime together with a range of workshops. This grant for £4,960 will fund transport to bring older people to meetings, transport for outings, refreshments, entry fees, craft workshops, materials and tutor fees.
Amount: £3,564
Recipient: Clwb Ni Aberystwyth
Region: Wales
Hanner can mlwyddiant
Ysgol Gynradd Aberaeron will create murals to be displayed in and around the school. This project meets the Awards for All aim of increasing skill and creativity. The grant for £5,000 will fund materials and labour.
Amount: £5,000
Region: Wales
Capel Dewi Community Trading Shop
The group will use the funding to renovate the redundant village hall kitchen to run a community shop in this rural area. The shop will focus on selling essential supplies, local fresh produce from nearby farms as well as offering a box service. They will promote local artists and craft makers by displaying their work. This enterprise will also provide a cafe and meeting place to alleviate isolation for people.
Amount: £23,985
Recipient: Dolen Dewi
Region: Wales
Dolen Teifi
The group will use the funding to purchase a new minibus in order to expand and grow its community transport links due to an ever increasing demand from the local community for such services in order to combat isolation. The provision of this service will enable the local community to reduce high levels of social isolation. This enterprise will make money through charging an affordable rate for people to access the transport.
Amount: £30,000
Region: Wales
Community Voice
Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations will manage a portfolio of seven projects across the county involving citizens many of whom will not have engaged with service providers before. Target groups include carers, people with mental health issues, younger people and those with visual impairment. There is a project directed at improving police services and an innovative environmental pr… more
Ein Helpu i Gyflawni
The project will develop a programme of volunteering opportunities at the National Library of Wales. This will provide a range of beneficiaries with opportunities on a variety of interesting and stimulating projects whilst supporting the organisation to complete tasks and projects that they do not currently have the capacity to undertake. The grant, over three years, will employ a Volunteer Coordinator and pay for the associated salary costs.
Amount: £105,699
Region: Wales
Ailadeiladu Neuadd Caerwedros
The project will re-build Caerwedros Village Hall in Ceredigion. The new building will provide a facility that will be used by the whole community for events and activities.
Amount: £290,027
Region: Wales
Organic, and self sustaining gardening
Clwb Garddio Ponterwyd Garden Club will arrange speakers and trips to gardening projects for members to increase their knowledge and attract new members. The project meets the Awards for All aim of increasing skills and creativity.This grant for £2,075 will fund speakers, transport and advertising.
Amount: £1,702
Region: Wales
Build It Up
Llwyn Yr Eos Out of School Club will provide a wide range of constructive toys and activities for children attending an out of school club. This grant for £4,666 will fund sessional staff costs, camera's and memory cards, construction toys, modelling clay materials and gardening resources.
Amount: £4,666
Region: Wales
Darpariaeth Gofal Plant Ym Mhenrhyn-coch
The aim of this project is to provide a continuous child care provision for children aged 2-11 in Penrhyncoch. Over one year, this project will build a single storey log cabin at Penrhyncoch school, from where the childcare provision will be delivered
Amount: £161,962
Region: Wales
Disability Action Group Wales (Sports Section)
Disability Action Group Wales will purcahse a pair of Tandem Kayaks to go on a course with the Paddlers Canoe, Kayak club. This grant of £1,750 will fund two Tandem Kayaks, two sets of Paddles, two Flotation jackets and four helmets.
Amount: £1,750
Region: Wales