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22 Jul 1998
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01 Apr 2021
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Wigan Warthogs Wheelchair Basketball
Funding under Sport England's Small Grants funding programme for a Revenue project titled Wigan Warthogs Wheelchair Basketball. This project is a Basketball project, with a focus on beneficiaries with a disability.
Amount: £7,827
Funder: Sport England
Region: Wales
Core Market Open Fund 1
Funding under Sport England's Core Market Open Fund funding programme for a Revenue project titled Core Market Open Fund 1. This project is a Sport and Physical Activity project, with a focus on beneficiaries with a disability.
Amount: £137,924
Funder: Sport England
Region: Wales
Sessional Workers
Sessional Workers
Amount: £500
Region: Wales
Towards direct group work services to vulnerable women ex-offenders
Towards direct group work services to vulnerable women ex-offenders across North West Wales.
Amount: £1,000
Region: Wales
Towards the "More Plastic Than Fish" art project using beach litter
Towards the "More Plastic Than Fish" art project using beach litter to raise awareness about pollution.
Amount: £500
Region: Wales
Towards a summer play scheme
Towards a summer play scheme.
Amount: £500
Region: Wales
Troop Summer Camp
1st Great Sutton Scout Troop's Annual Summer Camp is the highlight of the Scouts' year, it is planned and run by the Young Leaders and Patrol Leaders in partnership with the adult Leaders. This year we have 36 young people attending the camp, this is more than at any point for at least 20 years. For this reason, the costs of transport have increased considerably, as we require 3 minibuses in order to transport everyone to and from the camp, it is this which we are looking to fund with your grant.
Amount: £840
Region: Wales
Grant to Friends of Ysgol Maes Hyfryd
purchase of equipment for a charity which works with disabled people in Flintshire
Amount: £10,000
Region: Wales
Community award to CAERWYS, St Michael
Install kitchen and toilets, reordering, audio-visual facilities, heating and lighting
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: CAERWYS, St Michael
Region: Wales
To create a parttime job, employing a suitable candidate person to organise the sorting and selling of larger screws and fixings.
Amount: £7,500
Recipient: Cabinz
Region: Wales
Carmel Village Hall
Towards the refurbishment of the Hall to make it safer.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Carmel Village Hall
Region: Wales
Information packs for parents of children in schools in Tyne & Wear
Information packs for parents of children in schools in Tyne & Wear
Grant to Alun School
Refurbishment of Chemistry laboratory
Amount: £50,000
Recipient: Alun School
Region: Wales
Amount: £23,617
Region: Wales
Grant to Ysgol Maes Garmon
Equipment for creative technologies facilities
Amount: £48,000
Recipient: Ysgol Maes Garmon
Region: Wales
Grant to Gladstone's Library
WF Covid-19 Support Fund
Amount: £120,000
Recipient: Gladstone's Library
Region: Wales
The project aims to encourage students to learn about techniques to develop a healthy mind and body, to respect the environment and to develop a perspective of 'the bigger picture' i.e. see the value of school subjects in real life scenarios and the connection they have with the environment. The project will run Wrexham football club numeracy and coaching sessions, a local gym will train students how to be 'young PT instructors', a teacher will gain a spin bike instructor qualification, music & art for health sessions after school, students will attend farm visits and Llysfasi College. It is easy to assume that in modern times children should have a good awareness of how to be fit and healthy. However, some children have limited life experiences and limited awareness of where their food comes from, they don't realise the impact of their food choices. These days, indoor time is substantially dominated by technology and physical inactivity. The close links between depression, obesity, stress, and anxiety indicate there is likely to be a high cost to mental health if the current generation does not change its indoor lifestyle. By visiting local farms, children can learn about different professions, ideas, and opportunities. The increase of community interaction can help motivate students to learn more about food production and food safety, it would give them an appreciation of buying locally grown produce and reducing their reliance on plastic packaging. By engaging in clubs aimed at improving physical and mental health children will develop good lifestyle habits and reduce their time spent indoors. The grant will be used to pay for staff costs, volunteer costs, qualifications, room hire, materials and transport.
Amount: £5,050
Recipient: Alun School
Region: Wales
Expanding Horizons (Ehangu Gorwelion in Welsh)
The project is called ‘Ehangu Gorwelion’ which translated means ‘Expanding Horizons’, and it aims to do just that. There are several groups of pupils within the school that would benefit from additional activities to develop their confidence and enhancing their well being. This in turn would have a positive impact on their self esteem and learning. The project will develop a garden on part of the school site, encourage participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme for a group of year 10 students, set up a boys choir, support the Eco Club voluntary work project and set up a reading club and number club for younger pupils. A grant will pay for staff, equipment and materials, and transport.
Amount: £6,900
Region: Wales
Extra Curricular Equine Therapy sessions
Pupils from the school currently access riding lessons and horse care sessions at Clwyd Special Riding Centre in Llanfynydd, as well as equine therapy, which provides rich learning opportunities for sensory engagement. This project will continue and extend the current riding and horse care sessions, and allow students to attend learning activities at CSRC's new multi-sensory resource centre. A grant will contribute towards the fees for the sessions.
Amount: £8,500
Region: Wales