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22 Jan 2021
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29 Mar 2021
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Social investment Woodland Trust
An investment towards the purchase of land at Coombe Farm, Exmouth, Devon, as part of our Land Purchase Facility.
Amount: £910,000
Recipient: Woodland Trust
Region: East Midlands
Active Holidays for kids
The funding will be used to deliver activities for children in the community to include sport dance drama and team building activities. The participants will be provided with stimulating and positive things to do during the summer holidays. The pandemic has meant that social skills have been adversely affected so the project aims to improve these skills while it promotes positive mental health.
Amount: £6,850
Region: East Midlands
Environmental benefits for all
The funding will be used to insulate the internal walls at the village hall. The project aims to provide a warm and energy efficient facility for community activities.
Feed Deeping Group
The funding will be used to supply care packages to the elderly and vulnerable families in the Deepings and surrounding villages.. The project aims to support people during the current COVID-19 pandemic and reduce loneliness and isolation.