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18 Jan 2006
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18 Dec 2006
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The award will refurbish Coney Weston village hall, a centre for community activities in the village. It will pay for curtains for the stage wings and a PA system. A new carpark surface, new windows, and exterior waterproofing will be put in at the same time.
Amount: £1,500
Recipient: The Village Hall
Region: East of England
Stage Lighting
Village Hall uses award to purchase stage lighting equipment for the amateur dramatic performances which take place aswell as other groups using the hall.
Amount: £3,127
Region: East of England
sustainable gardening
To encourage sustainable gardening, this group, along with school children, are to create a dry garden at the front of the local primary school, which will be visible to passers by. The garden will contain a variety of plants that need minimal watering and a local horticulturalist will talk to the children explaining the benefits of sustainable gardening.
Amount: £3,150
Recipient: Clare in Bloom
Region: East of England
Lighting system
The award will pay for an automatic mechanism for lowering and raising the lights inside the village hall (these are 4.5 metres above the floor). This will allow maintenance work on the lights to be done safely.
Amount: £4,523
Region: East of England
Start-up costs
To address the issue of violence within and committed against the community by offering monthly sessions utilising discussion, drama, music and art culminating in a display of work. The sessions will seek to offer positive alternatives to violence and information signposting help and advice for those who are victims of violence.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: One Voice
Region: East of England
Sailing Dinghy Purchase
Charity that provides sailing lessons for young people from local schools will use Award to purchase a new multi-purpose dinghy that will cater for sailors of all skills.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Young People Afloat
Region: East of England
Everyday Sports Campaign
Company Limited by Guarantee set up and operating the former St Edmundsbury leisure facilties applies to provide a high profile information roadshow using a mobile exhibition unit to distribute health and fitness campaign packs to the general public, part of the 'Everday Sports' campaign encouraging participation in sports and physical exercise as a contributor to improved health. Roadshow is also supported by CSVmedia, BBC Radio and TV Stations as well as Sport England
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Abbeycroft Leisure
Region: East of England
Playing field pavilion
Parish Council will use award to improve their Playing Field Pavilion by installing a disabled toilet and a folding wall (in order to create a new changing area for when needed)
Amount: £5,000
Region: East of England
Purchase of modern and safe tables
Hall will replace its existing old, unsafe tables with modern trestle tables, card tables and storage trolley, to serve its users for a wide range of activities.
Disabled access and toilet project
An award would see the refurbishment of toilets and oil tank replacement giving access for those with disabilities and complying with health and safety regulations.
The Resettlement Programme
The Foundation Training Company aims to assist in the rehabilitation of persons held in penal establishments towards the end of their sentence by providing them with support and training. _x000B_This project is targeted at ex-offenders, offenders and those at risk and is designed to reduce offending by offering a placement/training/advisory/mentoring/signposting service.
Amount: £709,640
Region: East of England
Setting up costs
Award will fund the setting up of a new table tennis club, by purchasing new equipment, renting a hall and hiring a qualified coach for the first year of the Club. The award will give people of all ages in this rural community the opportunity to enjoy a new sport, both socially and competitively.
Sudbury Upper School and Arts College (Suffolk)
A well-targeted programme of activities, designed to increase self confidence with an emphasis on non-team sports and with sustainability in mind. Rural locations are targeted, non-participation, development of coordination, raising self-esteem, improving concentration in class, and obesity. Activities offered will be: tri-golf and golf; lunchtime multiskills; "Wake &Shake" morning aerobics; yo… more
Development of a Social Enterprise
People with mental health illnesses in Suffolk will be trained in woodwork, embroidery, engraving and arts and crafts to equip them with skills for work and boost their self esteem and confidence. Money raised by the sales of their creations will help the project become self sufficient.
Amount: £193,016
Region: East of England
The Albany Summer School
This school is a pupil referral unit and will start a summer school offering its pupils a range of recreational activities. These activities are designed to equip students with the skills for managing their behaviour, enabling them to deal with building confidence, a sense of self-achievement and self-esteem. These workshops will consist of sporting activities, driving skills, music, dance, drumming and outdoor activities.
Amount: £3,510
Recipient: The Albany Centre
Region: East of England
Summer School - Composition and Music Technology
This school will start up a summer school for composition and music technology that will run for 3 days in August. It will benefit pupils attending the school and will enable them to develop their composition skills, broaden their music style and improve their use of music technology.
Amount: £2,420
Region: East of England
Development of Wildlife Area and After School Nature Club
This school would like to transform part of its grounds into a wildlife area for the pupils at the school as well as for their families, members of the local diocese, the local community and staff at a local charity. The completed project will provide a place where people will be able to learn more about wildlife and practical care of a garden.
Amount: £2,973
Region: East of England
New Play Equipment
This Parish Council will upgrade the local play area and install appropriate safety surfacing to provide a safe environment for children to play. The new equipment will encourage more children to use the area and provide a meeting place for families.
Amount: £10,000
Region: East of England
Accessible ICT
This charity provides mentoring and support services for children as well as young people with special educational needs. Furthermore, through working with the local Connexions service, this charity, has taken on an increasing role as a training provider. It will provide accredited ICT training for a variety of groups, including women returning to work, young people on support work placements and its own volunteer mentors.
Childrens Play Area Reconstruction
This group will supply the necessary piece of equipment that will enable them to implement and reconstruct a new children's play area.