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19 Jan 2006
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15 Dec 2006
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Brunel A Community Play
The group will promote a series of workshops involving local groups and individuals, to build an ambitious arts event to commemorate the life and works of Brunel. Professional artists will lead workshops in writing and drama, culminating in a site-specific public performace.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Nynehead News
Region: South West
New Equipment
25 young people over 17 years of age will be able to train to take part in a Ten Tors expedition this Spring.
Amount: £4,385
Region: South West
Stage 1 of the new community hall and sports pavillion consultation
A new sports pavilion and community hall will be built.
Stoke St Gregory Village Hall
This memorial hall will install a new kitchen for the benefit of the whole community.
Amount: £5,000
Region: South West
New Equipment
This scout group will use their award to buy equipment and a storage shed.
Amount: £1,615
Region: South West
To replace carpeting in the reception area
New safe carpet will be fitted in the reception area of the village hall.
Amount: £3,992
Region: South West
The Responsibility Gap - Here to Help Event
This branch of the Council for Voluntary Service will put on an event to promote their services for the disabled, the elderly and for people with mental health problems.
Amount: £4,863
Region: South West
Electric winder
The club will use the award to purchase a specialist Bowls wheelchair for use in games and practice.
Amount: £2,270
Region: South West
Improvements 2006
New services will be piloted and an awareness campaign run.
Amount: £2,967
Region: South West
New hut
The group will purchase a new building.
Amount: £5,000
Region: South West
adapted sailing dinghy
The Sailing Club aims to provide an enjoyable activity for disabled people. They will purchase a new 2 seater dinghy with special controls for people with limited limb mobility, this will enable more existing and new members to sail.
Amount: £4,919
Region: South West
website development
The group co-ordinates, promotes and disseminates information relating to archaeological research in the Severn estuary area. The project will open up this information to the general public through the introduction of a website to publicise the rich heritage of the estuary.
Korfball Equipment and Marketing
This group promotes play and development of korfball within South Somerset. The project will provide equipment and marketing for the academy.
Amount: £4,212
Region: South West
The group will sand and varnish their village hall floor.
Amount: £2,300
Region: South West
Replace existing vinyl flooring and carpets
The group will improve their pre school facilities.
Amount: £2,368
Region: South West
staff salary
The group provides a range of services to disabled people. They will use their award to establish a team of disabled volunteer advocates.
New beginnings
The group will soon move to a new hall in this Somerset village. The Award will be used to provide lighting and stage fittings to enable a busy schedule of arts activities to be re-located.
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: St Gregory Players
Region: South West
Singing Just for You
The group will use the award to further develop opportunities for new people to participate in the work of the group.
Amount: £1,660
Region: South West
Improving Communication
Computer and presentation equipment will be purchased by the Third Age group. This will benefit the over 50s. The project will enable a greater range of speakers, presentations and workshops to take place and expand computer literacy.
Amount: £4,307
Recipient: Third Age Taunton
Region: South West
Taunton Canoe Club
This community Canoe Club has greatly increased its membership over the past 3 years and now requires further equipment to meet this demand.
Amount: £5,841
Recipient: Taunton Canoe Club
Region: South West