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26 Jan 2012
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24 Oct 2012
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Chelt/Newlands Sports Floodlighting
Funding under Sport England's Inspired Facilities funding programme for a Capital project titled Chelt/Newlands Sports Floodlighting. This project lists its main activity as Multi Sports
Amount: £40,000
Funder: Sport England
Region: South West
Dumbleton Village Hall - Resurfacing of outside areas
This is a project by a charity in Dumbleton, Worcestershire. The group will use the funding to resurface the worn and damaged area outside the village hall.
Amount: £6,228
Region: South West
Solar Project
This charity in Ripple, Worcestershire, will install photovoltaic solar panels on the parish hall, to make the building more energy efficient and save money on operating costs.
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: Ripple Parish Hall
Region: South West
Refurbishment of Down Hatherley Village Hall
This is a project by a charity in Tewkesbury. The group will use funding to make health and safety improvements to a village hall. This will provide better facilities for people in the community and increase use of the hall.
Amount: £8,187
Region: South West
Woodmancote PC Queen's Diamond Jubilee
This is a project by a parish council in Prestbury, Gloucestershire. The group will use funding to hold a celebration for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and Jubilee Beacon for community members. This will bring the community together and create cohesion in an area that was previously affected by severe flooding.
Amount: £3,722
Region: South West
The Planned Enviroment Theraphy Trust Engagement and Dissemination
This is a project by a charity in Tewkesbury, serving beneficiaries across the UK. The group will use the funding to deliver an engagement and communication programme to support young people whose early experiences were traumatic. This will enable beneficiaries to reflect and learn about their past and meet with others with similar experiences.
Amount: £9,925
Region: South West
Clee House Social Club
This is a project by a community group in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. The group will use the funding to purchase multimedia equipment for older people that visit its facility. This will encourage more social interaction and will reduce feelings of isolation.
Amount: £1,222
Region: South West
GWRT database, lists, memeberships etc..
This is a project by a charity in Toddington, Gloucestershire. The group will use the funding to purchase professional IT software and training to change the way the group maintain records and communicate with beneficiaries. This will enable the group to have a better communication platform and improve the groups effectiveness and service.
Amount: £10,000
Region: South West
Your Green Future
Recession Response: This is a project by a charity in Gloucestershire serving beneficiaries across the United Kingdom. The group will use the funding to put schools and young people at the centre of building sustainable energy activities. This will improve beneficiaries' awareness of environmental issues to further their education and access green jobs.
Amount: £8,150
Region: South West
Inspire Wormington
This is a project from the village of Wormington, Gloucestershire. The group will use the funding to expand their activities that operate from a marquee on the village's open space, to include several new enterprises such as a business hub, playgroup, a range of educational classes, and social lunches. This enterprise will generate an income through multiple revenue streams.
Amount: £31,106
Region: South West
Grant to Art Shape Limited
the salary of the Project Manager for the Reminiscence Project working with people with learning disabilities through the arts
Amount: £16,500
Recipient: Art Shape Limited
Region: South West