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28 Jan 2016
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19 Dec 2016
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New Life to Ascott's Memorial Playing Field
Funding under Sport England's Protecting Playing Fields funding programme for a Capital project titled New Life to Ascott's Memorial Playing Field. This project lists its main activity as Multi Sports
Amount: £21,035
Funder: Sport England
Region: South Central
Charlbury Community Centre and Sports Hall
Funding under Sport England's Improvement Fund funding programme for a Capital project titled Charlbury Community Centre and Sports Hall. This project lists its main activity as Multi Sports
Amount: £500,000
Funder: Sport England
Region: South Central
Towards salary costs of the Kenyan director
Towards the salary costs of the Kenyan director.
Amount: £500
Recipient: Street Hope
Region: South Central
Grant to Oxfordshire Museum Service
Gewisse to Alfred and beyond: The Anglo-Saxons in Oxfordshire
Amount: £10,000
Region: South Central
Grant to Society of Antiquaries of London
Kelmscott and Morris: Past, Present and Future
Amount: £4,635,200
Region: South Central
Grant to St Kenelm's Church , Minster Lovell, Witney
St Kenelm's Church, Minster Lovell: Urgent building fabric repairs and community project
Strengthening connections for National Young Onset Dementia Network
This organisation will use the funding to run three regional workshops and begin running a national newsletter. This will enable the organisation to set up a network for young people with dementia and their families to find support and social interaction.
Amount: £9,318
Recipient: YoungDementia UK
Region: South Central
Remembering Happy Times through Music
This charity will use the funding to deliver four music therapy workshops for older people with dementia. This will enable the organisation to provide beneficiaries with a valuable stimulant to support them with memory and well- being.
Amount: £1,000
Region: South Central
Refurbishment of scullery area to form kitchen
This charity will use the funding to refurbish the kitchen area in the memorial hall, including dry lining of the walls and ceiling upgrade. This will provide appropriate kitchen facilities to extend the range of activities and events being held at the village memorial hall for people within the local village community.
Amount: £9,980
Region: South Central
Christmas Cheer
It will finance the costs of the party for elderly Day Centre users and their carers as well as a modest Christmas present for the users. We will fund raise for the remainder of the costs .
Amount: £476
Region: South Central
Chipping Norton
We are 55 years old this year and have made the decision to transfer our operation into Chipping Norton. This will enable us to be more inclusive and accessible and to boost our recruitment. To celebrate 55 years and to offer maximum publicity for our move we need to have funds in addition to the monies received from members' subscriptions. We will advertise in local publications and invest in so… more
Amount: £500
Region: South Central
Replacement Trees
We have relatively modest ongoing costs, so have survived largely on our initial sponsorship. But we now have a fairly substantial repair and maintenance task for the coming year. This includes: we have lost five of our original plantings. Our overall planting was some seventy trees, so the attrition rate is not severe, but does need to be addressed. We need to replace the lost trees. We need to … more
The Bike Shed
The Bike Shed
Amount: £1,869
Region: South Central
Continuing Existing Work
We are applying for a grant to help with the running costs for the food bank for 2016/17. We have been fortunate until recently to have the use of a warehouse facility - free of charge - for storage of the large amount of donated food which we need in order to maintain and operate the food bank. Due to unforeseen circumstances this arrangement has come to an abrupt end with the result that we hav… more
Amount: £1,900
Region: South Central
Website Restructure and Upgrade
Restructure and upgrade of the Experience Chipping Norton website as essential for the wellbeing and growth of our community organisation.
Amount: £2,000
Region: South Central
Rose Community
OAC would like to run an event for our Rose Community, a network for survivors and people who care, set up in July 2015. OAC has run 7 events for the Rose Community to promote integration, education and mutual support. The grant will be used to fund an event to showcase the inter-generational film created by young people during OAC's FGM and Film Studies project (running from September to Decembe… more
Amount: £2,000
Region: South Central
In partnership with the Ice Centre we will use the grant to deliver workshops to train and empower members. We will purchase 3 laptops and 3 dongles to enable us to support members to get online, vital when applying for benefits. We will act as an advocate to assist in the intricate world of technology by assisting members to navigate the complex systems currently in place. We live in an age that… more
Amount: £885
Recipient: D.I.T.T.O
Region: South Central
Maintenance Programmes Abingdon and Banbury
Improvement and maintenance programmes in Abingdon and Banbury following on from successful pilot programme. The aim is to start the programmes in January. Thanks to £500 from VWHDC and also Abingdon Health and Wellbeing Centre confirming their venue will be provided in kind, we are able to run taster sessions before Christmas. These will be for new recruits as well as graduates of the Improvemen… more
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: AESOP
Region: South Central
The FL/ASH Project: Opening up the Ashmolean Museum to Children with Learning Disabilities
The grant would fund a series of intensive workshops for young people with complex learning disabilities at the Ashmolean Museum over the course of one year. Each workshop would take place initially in the Education Centre, then the Galleries, following specific themes (Japanese prints or the Mediterranean, for example). It would also enable Flash of Splendour to provide inset training days for m… more
Amount: £5,000
Recipient: Flash of Splendour
Region: South Central
The 2017 Rose Community Project
We will run two Rose Community events, create a film and deliver 10 training events to professional groups. All events will be facilitated by members of FGM communities. The first Rose Community event, in March 2017, will be a workshop to explore creative expression following trauma. This event will be run as part of Oxford International Women's Festival and supported by the Oxford Rose Clinic. A… more
Amount: £5,000
Region: South Central