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13 Jan 2016
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06 Dec 2016
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Amount: £5,759
Recipient: RIDLERS LTD
Region: South West
Grant to Church House, Crowcombe
Church House, Crowcombe: External fabric conservation project
Amount: £24,000
Region: South West
Grant to The Blessed Virgin Mary Church Nettlecombe
The Medieval Effigy Restoration Project
Grant to Contains Art CIC
Watchet Paper Mill: capturing and celebrating our industrial heritage
Amount: £26,400
Recipient: Contains Art CIC
Region: South West
Grant to Exmoor National Park Authority
Exmoor's Historic Signposts
Amount: £43,000
Region: South West
Grant to Brompton Regis PCC
Decisive repairs to chronically damp medieval tower and improvements to both heating and ventilation
Amount: £161,800
Recipient: Brompton Regis PCC
Region: South West
South Devon Aspergers Group Weekend Away
This is a project by a charity in Newton Abbott serving beneficiaries in Teignbridge, South Devon. The group will use the funding to provide a respite weekend to 50 families. This will support positive health and wellbeing for children that are living with learning disabilities and their families.
Amount: £8,300
Region: South West
Outdoor play zone
The group will use the funding to install an outdoor play area for children who have limited access to imaginative play equipment. This will provide a facility for the beneficiaries to develop their communication, physical and motor skills.
Amount: £10,000
Region: South West
Williton Community Building
This development grant will be used to plan the construction of a new multi-purpose building providing social, training and sporting opportunities. There will be a large main hall that can be divided into two, meeting spaces, changing rooms and a catering kitchen. As well as offering activities like dance, keep fit and badminton, the hall will also provide a much needed venue for celebrations and family gatherings. This is a largely rural area that currently has no community spaces.
Amount: £28,875
Region: South West
Lynton and Lynmouth Housing Needs Assessment
The group will use the funding to carry out a housing assessment. This will highlight to the council the needs of the local community and support a recommendation for development of affordable housing in the area while supporting the sustainability of the local community.
Amount: £3,178
Region: South West
Exmoor Healthy Living Centre
This project will set up a service for older people in the local community providing activities, worships and excursions. This will give older people opportunities to socialise with their peers, create new friendships and reduce isolation.
Combe Martin Housing Needs Assessment
This is a project by a parish council in Combe Martin, Devon. The group will use the funding to deliver a housing needs survey that will guide land use activities in the local area. This will ultimately lead to a shared community vision in how Combe Martin will grow and change in the future.
Amount: £5,208
Region: South West
The group will use the funding to provide a holiday to Minehead for children with additional needs and their families. This will build the confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing of the participants, and strengthen the support network for families with children with additional needs.
Amount: £10,000
Recipient: SMILE
Region: South West
Turning Learning Inside Out: Replacing and enhancing play equipment
The group will use the funding to install play equipment onto the schools grounds. This will enable the beneficiaries to access a safe space suitable for use in all weather and improve this rurally isolated area.
Stogursey, Holford and Kilve Engagement Project (SHAKE)
The group will use the funding to improve how they offer services to the community in this rurally isolated area. This will enable the beneficiaries to access a new user led facility leading to better community involvement.
Amount: £10,000
Region: South West
Rediscovering the Good Outdoors
The group will use the funding to purchase challenging play equipment for the outdoor area to encourage positive play amongst pupils. This will improve beneficiaries’ social health.
Amount: £9,985
Region: South West
Porlock Futures Community Interest Company
Grant to Porlock Futures Community Interest Company
Amount: £115,125
Region: South West
Onion Collective CIC
Grant to Onion Collective CIC
Amount: £60,000
Region: South West