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22 Nov 2005
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30 Sep 2020
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From vision to action: Systems analysis of sensorimotor circuitry controlling visually-guided behaviour
<p style="margin-left: 0cm; margin-right: 0cm">Despite the emergence of technologies to record from thousands of neurons during animal behaviour, two major issues are currently limiting the transfer and utilisation of ultra-high-dimensional datasets between neuroscience groups. First, raw data files are often enormous, making data transfer inconvenient and expensive. Second, there is no common fo… more
Amount: £48,349
Global Health 50/50: Towards accountability for gender equality in global health
<p>We propose to establish <em>Global Health 50/50</em>, a new initiative seeking to advance action and accountability for gender-equality in global health.&nbsp;</p> <p>Gender is a key driver of power to exercise the right to health, including exposure to risks of poor health, health seeking behaviours, and access to quality health care. Gender inequalities continue to define and drive career p… more
Amount: £29,764
Skeletal muscle channelopathies: severe infantile phenotypes and sudden infant death syndrome
<p>We will have achieved a comprehensive understanding of not only the most appropriate ways and times to discuss inclusion in a SUDIC registry with bereaved families but how we can better inform and support them through the death of their child and the multi-disciplinary investigation that follows a sudden death. We will have established:</p> <ul> <li>What families understand now about the pro… more
Amount: £16,000
Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University College London
<p>Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University College London</p>
Amount: £25,500
Investigation of protein CoAlation in the process of apoptosis
<p>CoAlation is a novel post-translational modification to proteins whereby Coenzyme A is covalently attached to proteins. It occurs as part of the oxidative stress response as an alternative mechanism to protein glutathionylation. It is specifically a modification of enzymes involved in cellular metabolism and protects catalytic thiol groups on active site cysteine residues from irreversible dam… more
Amount: £0
How do cells integrate signals? Roles of timing in neural induction
<p>During embryonic development cells have to integrate up to eight molecular pathways in order to choose between alternative fates or behaviours. However, even in combination, these eight pathways cannot provide enough information to specify the many (perhaps as many as 10<sup>4</sup>) cell types that comprise the adult body. Timing seems to be important. One of the earliest fate decisions in em… more
Amount: £12,700
Probing the synaptic mechanisms of human genetic neurological disorders
<p>We are interested in how mutations that lead to human neurological disorders (particularly epilepsy) impact neuronal function. Much of our previous work has focused on how mutations change intrinsic neuronal excitability, but epilepsy is increasingly being associated with genes which are also predicted to perturb synaptic activity, and the aim of this project is to probe whether a subset of mu… more
Amount: £5,805
Amount: £24,959
Amount: £19,750
UCL / Wellcome Trust PhD programme for Clinicians; Investigating novel geneticassociations with ciliopathy in the zebrafish
<p>The primary cilium is present in almost all cells and plays an important role in the function of many organs, including the kidney, eye and brain. Ciliopathies result from dysfunction of the cilium. We have identified a family in which inherited lack of an enzyme that is involved in metabolism&nbsp; of dietary&nbsp; substrates&nbsp; is&nbsp; associated&nbsp; with&nbsp; kidney&nbsp; failure,&nb… more
Amount: £44,266
Amount: £26,184
Global brain states and local cortical processing in awake behaving mice
<p>This project will study how cortical activity is coordinated at a global level in behaving mice.</p> <p>The brain's activity changes dramatically when animals perform active behaviors. In the cortex, this is manifested by a change in "cortical state", which is traditionally studied by recordings of the electroencephalogram. This project wil l use new experimental approaches to understand the n… more
Amount: £15,000
Medicine Corner - costed extension
This extension funding will cover the engagement by SNEHA of two consultants. One will assist with Dharavi Biennale activities as the project winds down. Both will work on Medicine Corner, the Wellcome Collection's programme of cultural activity exploring Indian medicine, health and wellbeing.
Amount: £6,300
Exploring the Group Mind with Mass Participation Experiments.
Our goal is to provoke and engage the audience with a simple, compelling question: What is more fundamental to being human: the I of an individual person, or the we of a group, family or society? Scientifically, there are two ways to understand human behaviour. On the one hand, psychological models focus on the individuals thoughts and beliefs. On the other hand, sociological and biological model… more
Amount: £29,600
Amount: £14,500
Medicine Corner extension.
<table> <tbody> <tr> <td>Background: More than half of Mumbai's people live in vibrant localities described by the&nbsp;loaded word slum. A previous Wellcome Trust Award supported Dekha Undekha &nbsp; (Seen and Unseen), a project in which mentor artists and local participants worked together to create a multimedia installation. Held in Dharavi, the&nbsp;city's most well-known informal settlement,… more
Amount: £5,952
Towards developing best practice guidance for ethical participant-led health research.
The workshop's general goal is to advance the debate about the appropriate ethical oversight of participant-led research (PLR). With the exception of the papers by O'Connor (2013) and Vayena/Tasioulas (2013), the question of oversight has hitherto received little sustained attention, despite its being generally recognized as an important issue by journal editors, PLR participants and others. It i… more
Amount: £6,114