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31 Jan 2017
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06 Dec 2017
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Jeevan Shakti Mela - Funfair for lifeforce
<p>Type 2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is often not well understood among marginalized populations, but its prevalence is increasing, particularly in low-income countries. We will address this challenge in rural plains Nepal, enabling female Maithil artists from the Janakpur Women&rsquo;s Development Centre (JWDC) to engage with communities about T2DM through research, drama, and a funfair. First, a … more
Amount: £75,000
Computer-based analysis of early fibrosing lung disease
<p>Fibrosing lung disease (FLD) is an idiopathic condition, affecting older patients (median age=65 years) and smokers, accounting for 0.9% of all UK deaths in 2012. Unfortunately, despite newly available treatment options,&nbsp;FLD is typically diagnosed at an advanced stage with patients already markedly functionally&nbsp;impaired. Patient decline is often rapid.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>A constr… more
Amount: £1,034,494
Genetic background effects in human iPSCs and iPSC-derived cell types
<p>Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) have emerged as a key model system to study the function of genetic variants, as they provide access to relevant cell types and developmental lineages through cellular differentiation. However, while it has been shown that the genetic background of the donor individual has an effect on molecular phenotypes measured from iPSCs, it is currently not kno… more
Amount: £99,935
Investigation of protein CoAlation in the process of apoptosis
<p>CoAlation is a novel post-translational modification to proteins whereby Coenzyme A is covalently attached to proteins. It occurs as part of the oxidative stress response as an alternative mechanism to protein glutathionylation. It is specifically a modification of enzymes involved in cellular metabolism and protects catalytic thiol groups on active site cysteine residues from irreversible dam… more
Amount: £0
Amount: £2,850,000
Amount: £2,814,500
Water resistance: a study of environmental justice, resilience and citizen science activism in Mexico City
<p>This research will explore resilience in the context of environmental justice, with a focus on water insecurity in Mexico City. The concept of resilience is central to public health and climate change discourse, but is rarely critiqued. Addressing this omission is crucial: resilience frameworks can conceal social inequalities, uphold political status quo, and overlook local experience. Equally… more
Amount: £96,532
Using new evidence synthesis techniques to explore health and care inequalities among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people
<p>This proposal will utilise a developing approach to synthesising existing quantitative data in order to substantially enhance the evidence-base around health, wellbeing and care inequalities among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people. The aims of this project are to:</p> <ul> <li>Review the potential of nationally representative UK datasets for individual participant data met… more
Amount: £50,239
Physiological and pathological regulation of calcium channel trafficking and function
<p>Voltage-gated Ca<sub>V</sub>2 calcium-channels are essential for presynaptic neurotransmitter release. &nbsp;Knowledge of factors governing the regulation in neurons of N-type (Ca<sub>V</sub>2.2) calcium-channel trafficking and properties is key to understanding their pathological role in neuropathic pain. &nbsp;Both Ca<sub>V</sub>2.2 and the auxiliary subunit alpha2delta-1, which is up-regula… more
Amount: £1,399,688
Somatic adaptation and sex differences in human endocrine development and disease
<p>Our work focusses on new genetic mechanisms affecting human adrenal and reproductive function. We have recently described a multisystem growth restriction disorder caused by gain-of-function of SAMD9, where somatic adaptation can modify phenotype and mask detection of the genotype. In parallel, we developed a transcriptomic atlas of human adrenal and gonad development, mapping out sex-specific… more
Amount: £1,561,134
Assessment of placental function in complicated pregnancy using advanced MRI
<p>Placental insufficiency underlies the major obstetric syndromes of fetal growth restriction (FGR) and pre-eclampsia and accounts for one third of stillbirths in high-income countries. There is an unmet clinical need for a method to properly characterise placental perfusion and determine if and when a placenta is likely to fail.&nbsp;The objective of this work is to develop&nbsp;an imaging meth… more
Amount: £99,804
Dynamical modelling of somatic genomes
<p>Cancers are complex and chaotic systems.&nbsp;It is becoming apparent that no two cells in a cancer are genetically identical or follow the same evolutionary trajectory.&nbsp;Chromosomal instability (CIN)&nbsp;is one way that cells generate this complexity and is&nbsp;a hallmark of all&nbsp;cancer and ageing. &nbsp;In cancer, it increases the level of variation available to cells and gives ris… more
Amount: £1,273,968
International Brain Laboratory
<p>Understanding mechanisms of brain function is a scientific frontier with enormous potential benefits which is now within reach, thanks to recent exciting technical innovations. However, given the brain&rsquo;s extraordinary complexity, effectively harnessing these tools is beyond the reach of single laboratories pursuing problems in isolation. This initiative - the International Brain Laborato… more
Amount: £1,998,000
Investigation of the regulatory hot-spots identified for type 2 diabetes
<p>The complex causal chain between a gene and its effect on susceptibility cannot be unravelled until the casual changes have been localised in the DNA sequence. By exploiting high-resolution population-specific genetic maps, we have recently identified 111 additional disease-susceptibility locations, 93 of which are cosmopolitan (in Europeans and African-Americans) and 18 are European specific.… more
Amount: £99,945
Exploring the epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus in young children in the community using sparse serological survey data
<p>Bronchiolitis caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) leads to over 30,000 hospital admissions annually in infants in England. RSV infection only confers transient immunity, and early RSV infection is associated with asthma in later childhood. Several vaccine candidates are currently in clinical trials. We currently know very little about how age at first infection is affected by, for exam… more
Amount: £99,580
Human Immune Response Variation in Tuberulosis
<p>I aim to discover novel mechanisms by which differences in human immune responses influence the outcome of&nbsp;<em>Mycobacterium tuberculosis</em> (Mtb) infection. I hypothesise that host-genetic polymorphisms lead to variation in immune responses that determine the clinical outcome of Mtb infection by affecting host-cell restriction of mycobacterial growth.&nbsp;We will use&nbsp;transcriptio… more
Amount: £1,660,537
Sexy glia: developmental plasticity during glia-derived neurogenesis
<p>The overall goal of this proposal is to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate natural glia-to-neuron cell-fate switches. Stably differentiated cells can sometimes display a remarkable degree of plasticity and switch fates to another differentiated cell type, in a process termed transdifferentiation. In the vertebrate nervous system, radial glia act as neural progenitors… more
Amount: £1,453,931
Mechanisms and Regulation of RNAP transcription
<p>This grant focuses on four lines of scientific enquiry converging on RNAP function</p> <ol> <li>Characterisation of the molecular mechanisms underlying RNA polymerase and basal factors that facilitate transcription initiation, elongation and termination by using multidisciplinary approaches in vivo and in vitro. This includes using bespoke transcription assays, structure elucidation and a gl… more
Amount: £2,029,869
Studying murine behaviour and extending the hippocampal place cell model to 3 dimensions
<p>In previous decades, studies focussing on hippocampal place cell activity have resorted to using 2-dimensional simulation models. I argue that such a paradigm proves to be insufficient when extending it to real-world, heavily 3D-biased, applications. As such, in this project, I propose an alternative approach to the study of place cells in which a rat&rsquo;s neuronal activity is wirelessly mo… more
Amount: £0