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12 Jan 2015
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06 Dec 2017
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Jeevan Shakti Mela - Funfair for lifeforce
<p>Type 2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is often not well understood among marginalized populations, but its prevalence is increasing, particularly in low-income countries. We will address this challenge in rural plains Nepal, enabling female Maithil artists from the Janakpur Women&rsquo;s Development Centre (JWDC) to engage with communities about T2DM through research, drama, and a funfair. First, a … more
Amount: £75,000
Skeletal muscle channelopathies: severe infantile phenotypes and sudden infant death syndrome
<p>Skeletal muscle channelopathies are mainly autosomal dominant disorders that typically cause muscle symptoms of myotonia, periodic paralysis or progressive myopathy. Until now the muscle channelopathy phenotypes described are disabling but not fatal. Pilot data implicates ion channel dysfunction in severe infantile phenotypes with respiratory compromise and some cases of sudden infant death sy… more
Amount: £283,711
Computer-based analysis of early fibrosing lung disease
<p>Fibrosing lung disease (FLD) is an idiopathic condition, affecting older patients (median age=65 years) and smokers, accounting for 0.9% of all UK deaths in 2012. Unfortunately, despite newly available treatment options,&nbsp;FLD is typically diagnosed at an advanced stage with patients already markedly functionally&nbsp;impaired. Patient decline is often rapid.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>A constr… more
Amount: £1,034,494
Genetic background effects in human iPSCs and iPSC-derived cell types
<p>Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) have emerged as a key model system to study the function of genetic variants, as they provide access to relevant cell types and developmental lineages through cellular differentiation. However, while it has been shown that the genetic background of the donor individual has an effect on molecular phenotypes measured from iPSCs, it is currently not kno… more
Amount: £99,935
Investigation of protein CoAlation in the process of apoptosis
<p>CoAlation is a novel post-translational modification to proteins whereby Coenzyme A is covalently attached to proteins. It occurs as part of the oxidative stress response as an alternative mechanism to protein glutathionylation. It is specifically a modification of enzymes involved in cellular metabolism and protects catalytic thiol groups on active site cysteine residues from irreversible dam… more
Amount: £0
Amount: £2,850,000
Amount: £2,814,500
Salt, Diet & Hypertension: An integrative in vivo physiological investigation of WNK pathway controlled renal electrolyte and blood pressure homeostasis.
This project is designed to directly address a technique/technology gap that has prevented us from answering key biomedical questions in WNK controlled cardio-renal physiology. By modular combination of existing techniques/technologies the project puts forth a novel strategy to address the lack of direct, tubular segment-specific measurements of the renal physiology in vivo that may be integrated… more
Amount: £250,000
Crowded growth: How volume and intracellular density relate to cell growth and proliferation.
Significant amount of research, mostly focusing on signalling processes, has been carried out to understand the regulation of cell growth and proliferation. While some biological evidence is starting to emerge that cell volume or cell mass might regulate cell growth, the role of intracellular density has been largely overlooked. This is surprising, considering that mathematical and biophysical ev… more
Amount: £250,000
Multisensory Integration in Time and Space.
Although the majority of neuroscience research focuses on isolated sensory cues, in natural environments, the brain is invariably faced with a vast array of sensory stimuli. Animals must continually evaluate which of these multimodal cues should be associated with a single physical object, and which are separate. To this end, animals, including humans, take advantage of two types of correlation: … more
Amount: £250,000
The hippocampus, sleep and memory consolidation
<table> <tbody> <tr> <td>My&nbsp;first goal is to provide a unified and mechanistic account of how the&nbsp;hippocampus supports episodic memory, imagining the future and spatial navigation.&nbsp; I will leverage this &nbsp; long-standing question by eschewing traditional notions regarding the&nbsp;architecture of memory and instead invoke the idea that scenes are central to&nbsp;hippocampal info… more
Amount: £155,877
Amount: £263,219
Amount: £163,124
Amount: £163,124
Amount: £163,124
Amount: £163,124