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23 Jan 2006
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01 Nov 2006
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Amount: £30,000
Neurotopographics The project brings together a scientist, an architect and an artist to make a film exploring how dynamic patterns of brain activity provide a code for the structure of space. The film will follow the journey of a visitor to an art gallery as seen through the visitor's eyes and from a bird's eye view on an architectural plan. During the journey the activity of brain cells known … more
Amount: £13,000
Physicke for mind, body and soul: the diagnosis, treatment and experience of melancholy in early modern England.
This research will explore the links between early modern medical and religious practices and their respective efforts to diagnose and treat psychological dysfunction associated with discontent and depression. Interdisciplinary in its scope, the thesis will draw upon contemporary medical, theological and literary works in an attempt to understand better early modern perceptions of human interiori… more
Amount: £76,648
The role of electrical activity in the refinement of the Climbing Fiber-to- Purkinje Cell synapse.
The role of electrical activity in the refinement of the Climbing Fibre-to-Purkinje Cell synapse The main aim of this project is to understand the role of activity in refinement of neuronal connections during development. This question will be addressed at a defined synapse in the mammalian brain, the climbing fibre (CF) to Purkinje cell (PC) synapse of the cerebellum, where innervation by multi… more
Amount: £10,224
Functional analysis of phosphatidylinositol transfer protein in vivo.
The hydrolysis of PI(4,5)P2 by phospholipase C isoenzymes is a conserved signalling mechanism used by animal cells to regulate a range of core cellular responses such as cell division, differentiation, changes in shape and migration. Despite the widespread use of PI(4,5)P2 as a signalling substrate, its levels in animal cells are stable and demonstrable changes during normal cell signalling are a… more
Amount: £30,495
Regulation of a novel mirror-symmetric cell nervousdivision in the vertebrate nervous system.
Regulation of a novel mirror-symmetric cell division in the vertebrate nervous system To analyse the regulation of the zebrafish C-division (a novel mirror-symmetric division). Previous work suggests that the C-division is regulated by a timing mechanism, not its environment. Other work also suggests that this is the case, as this division is most often number sixteen after fertilisation (Kimm… more
Amount: £12,408
An oral history of assisted medical decision making.
Identification of 25 potential interviewees who have made significant contributions to the development of medical decision support. The obtaining of informed consent including an agreement to transfer copyright to an archive and the fulfilment of the relevant ethical and data protection obligations. Prioritisation of the potential interviewees essentially geographically for a travel plan bu… more
Amount: £8,030
Conversation Piece.
The Listening Room The Listening Room is a collaboration between artist Alexa Wright and Alf Linney, Professor of Medical Physics at University College London. Within the Centre for Auditory Research at UCL Alexa and Alf are researching an effective means of modelling human communication. With a view to creating an interactive audio installation - an intelligent room that can converse with its o… more
Amount: £96,052
Today's Neuroscience, Tomorrow's History - A Video Archive and Outreach Project.
This proposal is to record, transcribe, and archive video interviews with 12 scientists who have made substantial contributions to modern neuroscience. The key goals are: To deposit material in the Wellcome Library so that it is available to historians, and other analysts of and commentators on contemporary medicine and medical science. Transcripts will also be available on either the web-si… more
Amount: £96,935
Control and the therapeutic trial in 20th century Britain.
I propose to undertake further research into the subject of my MD thesis 'Control and the therapeutic trial 1918 - 1948', awarded earlier this year, in order to publish the work as a book. My thesis offered a novel assessment of the genesis and hegemony of today's 'controlled trial' though an historical analysis of the rhetorical associations of the term 'controlled' and their exploitation, in pa… more
Amount: £32,050
An investigation of risk factors for and outcomes of hypermetropia in the 1958 British birth cohort.
About 5% of children, 7% of working-age adults and 20% of older people have hypermetropia (long-sight) of a severity that requires optical correction for normal visual development and subsequently for vision dependent activities of daily living such as education, occupation, driving, sports and other social activities. Although a common condition, with an important role in other eye diseases of c… more
Amount: £51,674
Core support for the Africa Centre.
<table> <tbody> <tr> <td>&lt;p&gt;The &nbsp; epidemiology of tsetse-transmitted human or livestock trypanosomiasis is to a &nbsp; large extend determined by tsetse density, infection rate and host &nbsp; preference.&amp;nbsp; All three contributing factors vary between tsetse &nbsp; populations and within a tsetse population may, often due to differences in &nbsp; the well-being of the tsetse pop… more
Amount: £42,795
The Greek medical papyri from Graeco/Roman Oxyrhynchus: An edition of 60 unpublished texts from a centre of learning and scholarship in middle Egypt.
The project which is being proposed here is truly interdisciplinary. It brings together scholars in the field of the history of medicine and papyrologists who are trained to decipher the most difficult texts. The aim of this project is to publish the Greek papyri of medical content which were excavated among many others in the town of Oxyrhynchus in Middle Egypt. While poetic and prose texts of a… more
Amount: £37,859
Mechanisms through which sympathetic nervous system inhibitors mobilise hepatic stem cells in non alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Background: Non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the commonest cause of chronic liver disease in the West. The main risk factors for the development of NAFLD are obesity and type 2 diabetes. Animal models of NAFLD have steatotic, inflamed livers with inhibited hepatocyte replication and increased oval cell (OC) numbers as occurs in human NAFLD. OC are facultative bi-potential liver-reside… more
Amount: £6,050
Accurate assessment of multiple sclerosis pathology using high-field magnetic resonance and quantitative histology.
Using quantitative high-field magnetic resonance (MR) applied to post mortem multiple sclerosis (MS) brain tissue this project aims to establish accurate non-invasive measures for three fundamental pathological features of MS that are potentially of importance for the development of disability and recovery of clinical symptoms in people with this condition: (i) remyelination, (ii) lesions in the … more
Amount: £33,101
Antigen presentation and dendritic cell function in malnourished children.
Malnutrition has a major impact on the health of children and is responsible for approximately 50% of all childhood deaths, mostly from infectious disease. The precise relationship between malnutrition, immune competence and infectious disease is poorly understood, yet these interrelated factors are the critical determinants of childhood morbidity and mortality. Though neglected in recent years, … more
Amount: £23,105
SONHIA - study of newly diagnosed HIV infection amongst Africans in London.
HIV/AIDS amongst Britain's African communities is a major public health concern, yet to date, relatively little research has focused on this group. This study will increase our understanding of the factors which influence access to, and utilisation of, HIV treatment and prevention services among African communities in Britain. It will also help to inform the development of culturally appropriat… more
Amount: £23,380