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18 Feb 2009
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15 Dec 2009
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collaborative community studies of swine origin infuenza virus H1N1
To provide timely information on The occurrence of ILI and of PCR confirmed influenza in different population subgroups. Clinical illness in symptomatic patients including range, duration and severity of symptoms and sensitivity and specificity of symptoms and fever. Access to care and treatment (experience of helplines, access to antivirals, treatment with antibiotics) Effectiveness of antiviral… more
Amount: £78,376
Amount: £42,750
Crossing the boundaries of mind and medicine: Carl du Prel (1839-1899) and his network in the history of dynamic psychiatry
The proposed research aims to a) detail du Prel's philosophical-psychological system in the context of emerging mechanistic, monistic, and other theories of mind and body, especially pertaining to issues related to the mental causation of physical and mental health, b) reconstruct the genesis of knowledge claims of opponents of late nineteenth- to early twentieth century psychical research, who h… more
Amount: £80,951
"History of Medicine in Motion" to be held at UCL on 26 May 2009.
This workshop is intended to involve researchers in the methods for creating video clips about the History of Medicine. These clips are intended to present scholarly research either in public contexts, at academic conferences or to students in the classroom. During the workshop participants will receive feedback on video clips that they have developed, and prizes will be awarded to the best submi… more
Amount: £5,000
Nitric oxide signalling in the CNS.
Nitric oxide (NO) serves as a diffusible signalling molecule throughout the CNS. Despite progress, there remains a poor level of understanding about how this atypical messenger functions and this is the focus of the research proposal. To address the lack of knowledge of physiological or pathological NO signals (e.g. their amplitude, duration and spread) we have designed novel NO biosensors ca… more
Amount: £63,088
Revisiting Jebel Moya: Social and biological evolution in south-central Sudan
Description of the project and its relevance Jebel Moya is a combined cemetery and settlement locality in the south-central Sudan which was excavated in the early 20th century by the founder of the Wellcome Trust, Sir Henry Wellcome. The excavation was overseen by different field directors, employing variable excavation, recording and surveying techniques, over the course of the four seasons from… more
Amount: £8,300
"The teenage brain - a work in progress". An exhibit selected for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2009.
Our research group has been selected to present an exhibit entitled "The teenage brain - a work in progress" at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2009. The audience includes school parties of adolescents and their teachers, the general public including families with children, and fellows of the Royal Society, ministers, peers and science journalists. The aim of our exhibit is to present… more
Amount: £9,120
Biomedical research into clinical innovation: translation, uptake and impact.
This proposal is to use a unique source for the history of modern medical science, the edited transcripts of the Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine series, to analyse the process or processes by which science is transformed into accepted medical practice and to identify the major determinants of, and influences on, those processes, ranging from Government policies at one end of the scale to professional demarcation lines at the other.
Amount: £24,153
Trying and Trying and Trying.
Gethan Dick will work with six UCL scientists to write six song poems, each one based on the experience and research of a single scientist. She will then work with six bands, each with their own fans and community of interest, to record the pieces. The songs will be made available for free on CD at a number of venues around London and wider afield, as well as via popular download sites. The final CD will feature text and images from each scientist as a response to the song poem about their work.
Amount: £8,000
'The influence of network activity on the spatiotemporal receptive fields of mouse V1 neurons'.
The project will investigate the influence of neuronal population activity on receptive field properties of individual neurons in mouse visual cortex at different developmental ages in order to understand how this region of the brain becomes specialised for sensory processing. Particular emphasis will be made on characterising the synaptic mechanisms which shape receptive fields in response to different types of visual stimuli.
Amount: £14,138
'Mechanisms of transplanted photoreceptor precursor migration and integration'.
To examine the mechanisms by which transplanted photoreceptor precursor cell migrate into the recipient retina and to compare these mechanisms with those by immature photoreceptors in embryonic development
Amount: £39,182
Amount: £6,080
Seeing Myself See.
The project: The proposed project will create a 'sculpture-based' science and art educational programme (with accompanying sculpture) that will be disseminated to schools nationally and internationally. What the project will do: School children, supported by teachers, designers, engineers, artists and scientists, will build and install on their school grounds a three metre high, rotating glass sc… more
Amount: £29,590
"Smallpox Eradication after 30 Years: Lessons and Legacies" to be held in Rio de Janeiro on 24-27 August 2010
A global forum on smallpox eradication and its relevance to current and future health priorities will be convened, 30 years after the 33rd World Health Assembly confirmed eradication. Presenters and discussants will be persons with major leadership roles in the SEP, and current programs that have used and have studied SEP principles and lessons. Participants: Leaders of current legacy programs Pu… more
Amount: £5,000
Southern Africa 2020 Vision: priorities for public policy for the next decade.
The conference will aim to bring together academics and civil society activists with an interest in public policy, from Namibia, from other southern African nations and from Europe and North America. Under a broad theme - 'Southern Africa 2020 Vision: priorities for public policy for the next decade' - the conference will consider topics on five areas: economic development, democratic political p… more
Amount: £5,000
"Tropical Diseases Seminars 2009", to be held in Geneva during 2009
The main objective of this lecture series is to engage those involved in formulating and implementing health policies with historians of medicine working on policy-related issues, in the expectation that these interactions will be useful to all concerned. Indeed, the format of this meeting is intended to facilitate this process ? historians and policy managers will share a platform and present 30 minute talks; there will then be a 60 minute discussion about issues raised by both speakers.
Amount: £5,000
Object Retrieval.
Object Retrieval is an exciting 8 month interdisciplinary project culminating in a highly innovative week-long performative event. In this event a massive team of researchers from across UCL's science, social science and arts faculties will explore the 'biography' of one object from UCL's remarkable but undervalued Pathology Collection. This real-time research will creatively demonstrate the syne… more
Amount: £30,000
Spatiotemporal models of brain electrophysiology.
Modern two-dimensional (2D) multielectrode arrays allow for the simultaneous recording of extracellular activity from a large number of neurons. Such arrays yield important information for pairwise as well as higher order correlations among neurons and can also be used for the study of learning cell populations. In particular, 2D electrode arrays have been used to collect data from the visual cor… more
Amount: £60,210