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18 Jan 2010
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30 Nov 2010
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Scoping study to examine and assess the contents, extent and condition of the archives of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
The purpose of this bid is to fund an expert scoping study of the archival collections of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurology, Queen Square in order to assess their contents, extent and condition. The outcome of the scoping study will be a clear and definitive analysis of the all of the archival collections in their various formats, and a detailed set of recommendations on next step… more
Amount: £10,000
Amount: £31,160
Revisiting Galton
This application is made to meet the escalating interest in the life and work of Francis Galton, a hugely influential figure in the history of biosciences. It is to fund a creative and challenging 6-month research and development period for 3 artists and 1 curator to delve deeply into the extraordinary archives of Francis Galton housed at UCL. With unprecedented access to Galton's collections of … more
Amount: £23,205
Bright Club - six months of science and beyond 2010
Bright Club is a monthly variety night that combines science, comedy, art, the humanities, music, and other intellectual endeavours. It represents a new and successful format developed by UCL under the Beacons for Public Engagement programme. Bright Club has been so successful with its target audience of 20-40 year old Londoners not connected to research that there is scope to expand its premise … more
Amount: £14,236
Lecture: Atui Gawande, MD
To sponsor lecture by distinguished surgeon, author, health-care columnist The lecture is to inaugurate a new UCL initiative (chaired by the applicant) for the launching of a new Institute for Science Medicine and Society. The urgency of the application is the result of Dr. Gawande's last-minute agreement to speak on January 2?'" in London. As the inaugural Beacon Fellow for Public Engagement (We… more
Amount: £5,000
Assessing the Challenges Faced By Health Systems in Providing Paediatric Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis in resource limited countries
HIV exposed infants are 16 times more likely to die in their second six months of life than unexposed infants, largely due to respiratory infections. Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis significantly reduces both mortality and morbidity. In Zimbabwe it is estimated that only 11% of exposed infants are prescribed cotrimoxazole and the extent to which it is correctly taken is unknown. The aim of the project … more
Amount: £82,704
The role of Schwann cell c-Jun and Notch signalling in neuron guidance and demyelinating neuropathies.
Analysis of changes in shape and cell migration that promote axon growth in Schwann cell mutants with a strong regeneration phenotype A) Can c-Jun -/- Schwann cells form processes to guide growing neurites? B) It the formation of regeneration-promoting process extension enhanced in the absence of Notch signalling? C) Analysis of the importance of neuropilin 1 for Schwann cell division driven by VEGF and neuregulin1.
Amount: £6,935
The role of planar cell polarity signalling in spinal neurulation.
The purpose of this project is to determine the role of planar cell polarity (PCP) signalling in mammalian neural tube closure and neural crest migration.
Amount: £13,912
The role of Translation in Wnt mediated spine morphogenesis.
This project aims to examine the effect of Wnt signalling in protein translation during the formation of dendrites spines, excitatory postsynaptic structures, in the hippocampus. Changes in spines have been observed during long-term plasticity. Moreover, loss of spines has been associated with disorders like autism, schizophrenia and in neurodegenerative diseases. Our new studies reveal for the f… more
Amount: £13,861
Retinal repair using ES-derived photoreceptor precursors.
The aim of this PhD project is to test the hypothesis that Nrl-expressing ES cell derived precursor cells will general new functional photoreceptors after transplantation into the adult mouse retina.
Amount: £27,580
Transport and signalling of cell adhesion molecules and their role in motor neuron survival.
We previously demonstrated that histone H2A is phosphorylated at Ser129 in response to DNA damage by the Mec1p and Tel1p kinases in yeast. Others demonstrated that the analogous residue in mammalian chromatin (Ser139 on histone H2AX) is also phosphorylated in response to DNA damage, and H2AX is a tumour suppressor gene in mice, demonstrating that this is a central event in eukaryotic DNA damage r… more
Amount: £5,565