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13 Jan 2011
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23 Nov 2011
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Reducing sedentary behaviour in older adults: Development of a brief habit-based intervention.
<p>Physical activity in later life can improve health and quality of life, yet around 30% of adults aged 65-74 in England do less than 10 consecutive minutes of leisure-time activity a month. Previous activity promotion initiatives for older adults have failed to have real-world impact, perhaps because targets (e.g. 150 minutes of activity per week) have been unrealistic, or because observed chan… more
Amount: £54,590
Amount: £35,530
The neurocognitive mechanisms of novel treatments in mood disorders
The primary objective for this collaborative doctoral research project between UCL and the NIMH is to investigate the mechanisms underpinning responses to novel treatments in mood disorders (e.g. ketamine, scopolamine, sleep deprivation). Specifically, what are the neurocognitive changes following such treatments, and might we be able to predict who will best respond to treatment and stay well on the basis of neurocognitive markers?
Amount: £70,000
How do separate populations of stem cellsinfluence each other in the visual system of the zebrafish?
1) To investigate how various retinal inputs influence the growth of the optic tectum. How does a lack of retinal input alter the size, shape, proliferation and cellular organization of the tectum? What are the consequences for tectal proliferation and differentiation when retinal ganglion (RGC) axonal activity is abrogated? How does a lack of retinal input affect the pathways that regulate neuro… more
Amount: £51,051
The role of Prox1 in the cardiac ent and lymphatic vasculature during development and disease.
The role of Prox1 in the cardiac lymphatic vasculature during development and disease a) The hypotheses: i) Prox1 is crucial for cardiac lymphangiogenesis; ii) the development of the cardiac lymphatic system is essential for cardiac morphogenesis and function during development; iii) the developmental lymphangiogenesis programme is reinitiated after injury-induced inflammation in the heart. Thus,… more
Amount: £29,916
Investigating the potential of the adult epicardium as a stem cell niche, the lineage heterogeneity of the he response epicardium-derived progenitors and the response to injury-induced signalling.
To characterise the lineage heterogeneity of adult epicardium-derived progenitor cells and to investigate the potential of the epicardium as a stem cell niche; thus identifying the characteristics, that can be altered pharmacologically as a novel approach to regenerative medicine. As well determine whether epicardial activation in response to injury is "organ wide" or localised to the infarct sit… more
Amount: £20,382
BRCA Gene Research and Medical Practices. A comparative transnational social science workshop.
This 3 day workshop will bring together 20 international researchers working in the field of ?BRCA? or breast cancer gene research and medical practices to develop an emerging international comparative perspective on these developments. The workshop will include cross disciplinary researchers working in sociology, anthropology, science and technology studies, history of science, history of medici… more
Amount: £8,252
Gynaecology in the Medical Texts of Ancient Mesopotamia from the 1st Millennium BC
The primary goal of the proposed research will comprise an up-to-date edition of the corpus of the gynaecological cuneiform texts from 1st millennium BC Mesopotamia, consisting of transliterations, translations and a philological commentary. The text edition will form the basis for a comparative and context analysis of the corpus: the specific features and contents of the gynaecological corpus wi… more
Amount: £91,781
Manipulating Iron metabolism through synthesis of Hepcidin analogues.
There is a strong connection between iron metabolism and healthy living, particularly in the elderly and obese where it is found that iron levels can decrease- affected by the level of hepcidin -a small peptide that controls iron homeostasis.[1, 2] Hepcidin binds to, and induces degradation of Ferroportin (an iron efflux protein) involved in intestinal iron absorption, maternal fetal iron transpo… more
Amount: £5,464
Cellular and network mechanisms of pattern separation in the dentate gyrus.
This project will investigate how hippocampal dentate gyrus granule cells process synaptic inputs from the medial and lateral entorhinal cortex (MEC and LEC). I will determine how particular activity patterns in MEC and LEC are translated into granule cell population activity in vitro by selectively activating neurons in MEC and LEC using optogenetic stimulation of presynaptic neurons. The result… more
Amount: £11,835
The role of auxiliary transmembrane proteins in AMPA receptor targeting in neurons.
To investigate the types of AMPA receptor auxiliary proteins that regulate targeting of the receptors to axonal and presynaptic sites, to determine whether these differ from auxiliary proteins involved in receptor targeting at postsynaptic sites, and to understand their role in the regulation of transmitter release.
Amount: £23,306
PhD studentship costs
Chronic pain is prevalent and its clinical treatment remains limited. The London Pain Consortium (LPC) will advance knowledge of chronic pain mechanisms through internationally competitive research and provide multidisciplinary training of clinical and biomedical scientists to promote careers in neurobiology in general and pain studies in particular. In man and animals, we will: 1) identify molec… more
Amount: £25,033