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21 Jan 2019
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30 Sep 2019
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Skeletal muscle channelopathies: severe infantile phenotypes and sudden infant death syndrome
<p>We will have achieved a comprehensive understanding of not only the most appropriate ways and times to discuss inclusion in a SUDIC registry with bereaved families but how we can better inform and support them through the death of their child and the multi-disciplinary investigation that follows a sudden death. We will have established:</p> <ul> <li>What families understand now about the pro… more
Amount: £16,000
Gaza: The spatio-politics of health, death and life
<p style="margin-left: 0in; margin-right: 0in">This proposal focuses on an urgent humanitarian case: the case of Gaza. The projects will go beyond the tendency to approach health from a medical perspective, suggesting to examine how power, violence and health are entangled. This interdisciplinary research aims to understand how the organization of space affects the right to health of communities,… more
Amount: £28,235
talking funny - sounding different
<p>In Talking Funny, Sounding Different we will create a performance lab within the HUB, to experiment with, innovate and empower humans and their &lsquo;funny&rsquo; voices, from the written word to live theatre, from beat boxing to comedy. We will study the performance of the human voice as a potential source of anxiety and difficulty, and as a route to confidence and social contact. We will wo… more
Amount: £10,000
Venezuelan Refugee access to Reproductive and Sexual Health Services in Peru: Understanding and Addressing the Need
<p style="margin-left: 0cm; margin-right: 0cm">Venezuelan-refugees are fleeing from the country&rsquo;s political and economic crisis in what has been described as an exodus projected to eclipse that of Syria&rsquo;s. To date, over half a million have arrived in Peru (second-largest intake). The Venezuelan medical-system is on the verge of collapse with an 85% pharmaceutical shortage, including v… more
Amount: £19,819
Interconnections: the MRC National Survey of Health and Development archive
<p style="margin-left: 0cm; margin-right: 0cm">The main objective of the project is to sort, preserve and catalogue the administrative archive of the MRC National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD), held at UCL, to international standards and make it available to researchers.<strong> </strong>The project will be managed by the Head of Archives, UCL Special Collections, and the project archiv… more
Amount: £63,290
Biosocial Birth Cohort Research. A cross-disciplinary network
<p>This project establishes the first cross-disciplinary international network of social scientists, geneticists and epidemiologists focused on longitudinal birth cohort studies in the Global North and South. Birth cohorts are increasingly recognised as important for understanding how biological, social, and environmental processes interact over time. This makes them central to an emerging terrai… more
Amount: £29,401
Studies in Hypochondria
<p>&ldquo;Studies in Hypochondria&rdquo; is an interdisciplinary, medical humanities project that charts changing conceptualisations of the relationship between health and illness through a literary and cultural history of the figure who troubles our ability to make that distinction: the hypochondriac. By reading medical and historical texts, I show how in the late nineteenth and early twentieth … more
Amount: £98,620
Amount: £50,000
Policy Engagement Award
<p style="margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px">AHRI&rsquo;s research on HIV and TB speaks directly to the local, provincial and National Department of Health and is global relevance. This pilot project aims to develop AHRI expertise, experience, partnerships and infrastructure, to stimulate a &ldquo;research to policy action&rdquo; pathway. We focus on the local and national environment, to maxim… more
Amount: £75,000
Moving functional brain imaging into the real world: A wearable, cryogen-free, magnetoencephalography (MEG) system
<p style="margin-left: 0cm; margin-right: 0cm">Children with epilepsy, their parents, play specialists, researchers and clinicians will have co-produced, and together feel&nbsp;ownership of,&nbsp;the design and implementation of new child-friendly&nbsp;wearable scanners, interactive games and tasks, and an engaging room&nbsp;interior.</p> <p style="margin-left: 0cm; margin-right: 0cm">Working al… more
Amount: £55,032
Psychophysics of predictive motor control: a novel model of post-stroke fatigue.
<p style="margin-left: 0cm; margin-right: 0cm">The multisensory nature of fatigue is widely misunderstood by those surrounding the patient - including health practitioners, carers and family members. Our vision is to have these groups recognise fatigue as a debilitating condition in its own right and to treat it accordingly. Our aim is to enable stroke survivors with fatigue to communicate their … more
Amount: £87,532
‘Transforming visual images to cognitive maps’
<p>We will produce a visual environment production suite, &ldquo;BonVision&rdquo;, that can render virtual reality environments as well as artificial (&lsquo;standard&rsquo;) visual stimuli. BonVision is designed to be used by any lab: it will be easy to use, with one-step installation, online tutorials, clear documentation, technical support and embedded in an online community for development an… more
Amount: £50,000