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23 Jan 2006
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30 Dec 2017
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Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University of Cambridge
<p>Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University of Cambridge</p>
Amount: £21,500
Open Access award.
Not available
Amount: £30,000
Molecular studies in rotavirus replication.
Rotaviruses are a major cause of gastroenteritis in young children, leading to one hundred million rotavirus infections per annum worldwide, one quarter of all childhood diarrhoea hospitalisations, and over 600,000 deaths each year. There is an urgent need for an effective rotavirus vaccine. Recently, two live attenuated rotavirus vaccines have been found to be safe in large phase III clinical … more
Amount: £141,232
Intracellular dynamics of the influenza A virus RNA polymerase and their role in influencing virus host range.
WT Studentship for Ms Agnes Foglein : 4-year PhD studentship in Infection and Immunity. Influenza A virus has a segmented, negative stranded RNA genome. In order to replicate in an infected cell it has to transcribe this genomic vRNA into mRNA (for viral protein expression) and into cRNA; an exact copy that serves as a template for amplification of the genome for new viral particles. To achie… more
Amount: £141,232
Stem cell differentiation-recapitulation of development?
Stem cell differentiation - recapitulation of development?
Amount: £143,077
Amount: £213,508
Amount: £300,000
The role of cardiac myocyte apoptosis in the transition from compensated hypertrophy to dilated cardiomyopathy.
Cardiac myocytes undergo hypertrophy in response to haemodynamic overload, an adaptation that initially maintains systolic cardiac function. Over time, however, the hypertrophied ventricle often becomes thin-walled, dilated and hypocontractile. Mechanisms that mediate this transition are poorly understood but work over the past 5 years has documented increased - yet quite low - levels of cardia… more
Amount: £126,107
From Cures to Courts of Justice: The Medical Encounter and Social Order in Early Modern Spain
<p>Early modern encounters have mainly been studied as transactions between individual sick people and their healers. This project shifts the focus by placing encounters within the communities that structured early modern lives and the practices and expectations of social order that shaped them. The variety of encounters that took place in the Catholic kingdom of Castile provides an ideal case st… more
Amount: £147,847
Applying causal interventions to brain networks underlying adaptive perceptual decision making.
<p>The contribution of individual brain regions to perception is not static, and is determined both by task experience and particular stimulus demands. To investigate these dynamic contributions, I propose to use non-invasive brain stimulation combined with electrophysiological measurements. This combination will provide a window into the dynamics of causal relationships between behaviour and spe… more
Amount: £250,000
Putting genomic surveillance at the heart of viral epidemic response.
<p>This proposal is to develop an end-to-end system for processing samples from viral outbreaks to generate real-time epidemiological information that is interpretable and actionable by public health bodies. Fast evolving RNA viruses (such as&nbsp;Ebola, MERS, SARS, influenza etc) continually accumulate changes in their genomes that can be used to reconstruct the epidemiological processes that dr… more
Amount: £482,639
Fractionating the human frontoparietal cortex: combining meta-analytic and real-time optimization approaches
<p>Disruptions in the same set of frontal and parietal brain regions are seen across a striking range of psychiatric and neurological conditions. This network of regions has been referred to as <em>multiple-demand</em> (MD) system and can be divided into at least two closely coupled subnetworks. However, despite extensive research efforts, the specific functional mechanism each subnetwork support… more
Amount: £250,000
Dynamic neural remapping across the sleep-wake cycle: A mechanistic link between sensory re-organisation and GABA
<p>Across a single day, we undergo behavioral, physiological and neurochemical changes, from vigilant wakefulness to unconscious sleep. Despite the loss of consciousness, sensory processing continues in sleep. Attempts to assess the degree to which sensory processing differs between wakefulness and sleep have yielded contradicting results with studies showing greater, smaller or comparable respon… more
Amount: £99,935
Master's Award in Humanities and Social Science
<p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;In my three essays, I will explore case studies of British biotechnology and bioethics since the 1960s. My first essay will investigate the history of organ donation regulation in the UK by focusing on two pieces of legislation: the Human Tissue Act of 1961 and the Human Organ Transplants Act of 1989, which aimed to regulate the procurement of cad… more
Amount: £28,440
Exploring Disorganised Attachment: Unravelling Developmental Pathways and Outcomes using Data Mining
<p>Disorganised attachment is an important assessment of infant mental health, introduced by Main and Solomon (1990). Disorganisation is thought to result from an infant having in some way experienced trauma within the context of the relationship with their caregiver (e.g. observing severe domestic violence). Infants classified as disorganised have an&nbsp;elevated risk of psychological problems,… more
Amount: £25,976
Amulets and the material culture of healing
<p>The goal of this project is to investigate how amulets represent varying forms of value and power across differing chronologies. The Science Museum's collection will allow me to comprehensively examine a diverse range of objects, and research different forms of medical, magical and scientific worth and potency unavailable by studying textual sources alone. This project will ask three questions… more
Amount: £15,523