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12 Jan 2008
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30 Sep 2020
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The Cambridge History of Medicine
This application is for support to develop a proposal for The Cambridge History of Medicine in six volumes. As General Editor, I will meet with a team of a dozen volume editors at a series of workshops to ask fundamental questions about what the history of medicine is, what it should be, and how best to represent it in these books.
Amount: £96,402
Principles of human development and germ cell program
<p>Specification of human primordial germ cells (hPGCs)&nbsp;occurs around gastrulation, a critical juncture when the specification of the primary somatic lineages&nbsp;also occurs. In combination with human preimplantation embryos, in<em> vitro</em> models and hPGCs from aborted fetuses, our objective is to elucidate the origin and properties of the early human germline.</p> <p>For&nbsp;the mec… more
Amount: £2,750,000
Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University of Cambridge
<p>Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University of Cambridge</p>
Amount: £21,500
Amount: £2,750,000
Amount: £2,610,000
Amount: £2,490,000
Amount: £22,876
Open Access Award.
Not available
Amount: £40,000
Amount: £21,600
Bodies of Evidence: An exhibition exploring the technologies that make bodies visible.
This application seeks support for a vital and fully integrated biomedical component for a major temporary exhibition exploring the human body at the University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology (Feb 2009 - Nov 2010). The activity is part of a Leverhulme-funded interdisciplinary project based at the University of Cambridge, 'Changing Beliefs of the Human Body', that involves resea… more
Amount: £28,486
JDRF/WT Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory.
I propose to continue to develop and apply statistical methods for the analysis of large-scale data from linkage and association studies, using a mixture of Markov Chain Monte Carlo and multiple imputation approaches. Multi-point association studies, which seek to exploit common descent of high risk chromosomes from a limited set of ancestral chromosomes, will be a particular focus.
Amount: £11,491
Evolution of the regulaiton of achaete-scute homologues during bristle patterning in Diptera.
The achaete-scute (ac-sc) genes encode transcriptional regulators bearing a bHLH motif whose expression endows cells with neural potential. During development of the peripheral nervous system of Drosophila precise spatio-temporal regulation of ac-sc leads to their expression in small clusters of cells that prefigure the sites of each of the future bristles on the notum. From each cluster, a small… more
Amount: £67,903
Neuronal reward mechanisms.
a) For scientifically qualified assessors. We aim to localise and investigate brain mechanisms related to rewards and goal-directed behaviour. Rewards constitute appetitive outcomes and are prime motivating factors for selecting and initiating behavioural acts. Convergent lines of evidence suggest that the basal ganglia and frontal cortex are important for the control of voluntary, goal-directe… more
Amount: £36,781
Coated vesicle adaptors.
Adaptors, or APs, are heterotetrameric protein complexes involved in vesicle budding. The AP-1 and AP-2 adaptors are associated with clathrin-coated pits and vesicles at the trans-Golgi network (TGN) and plasma membrane respectively. We plan to investigate the mechanisms by which AP-1 and AP-2 are recruited onto the appropriate membrane, and how this leads to the production of a coated vesicle.… more
Amount: £18,379
Protein crystallography: development of new methods and application to the study of pathogenesis.
I propose to conduct research in two areas of protein crystallography: the determination of crystal structures of medically-relevant proteins, and the development of theory and methods. The general focus of my group is on structures of potential drug or vaccine targets, which aid the development of new therapies. The proteins we are studying include several bacterial virulence factors. Structura… more
Amount: £20,557
A molecular and genetic analysis of cell polarity and mRNA localisation in the Drosophila oocyte.
mRNA localisation is a general mechanism that targets proteins to the specific regions of a cell where they are required. The significance of this process has been most clearly demonstrated in Drosophila, where the localisation of bicoid, oskar, and gurken mRNAs to three distinct positions within the oocyte defines the two axes of the embryo. To investigate the molecular mechanisms that direct mR… more
Amount: £9,393
21st Century Families: Parent-child relationships and children's psychological wellbeing
<p>New pathways to parenthood have recently emerged that did not exist, nor had even been imagined, at the turn of the 21<sup>st</sup> century. Individuals who were previously unknown to each other have begun to meet over the internet with the purpose of having children together; transgender men and women have begun to have children through medically assisted reproduction; single heterosexual men… more
Amount: £1,552,401