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25 Jan 2016
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30 Sep 2020
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The Cambridge History of Medicine
This application is for support to develop a proposal for The Cambridge History of Medicine in six volumes. As General Editor, I will meet with a team of a dozen volume editors at a series of workshops to ask fundamental questions about what the history of medicine is, what it should be, and how best to represent it in these books.
Amount: £96,402
Principles of human development and germ cell program
<p>Specification of human primordial germ cells (hPGCs)&nbsp;occurs around gastrulation, a critical juncture when the specification of the primary somatic lineages&nbsp;also occurs. In combination with human preimplantation embryos, in<em> vitro</em> models and hPGCs from aborted fetuses, our objective is to elucidate the origin and properties of the early human germline.</p> <p>For&nbsp;the mec… more
Amount: £2,750,000
Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University of Cambridge
<p>Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University of Cambridge</p>
Amount: £21,500
Amount: £2,750,000
Amount: £2,610,000
Computational tools for analysing developmental morphogenesis at the tissue-scale
<p>Computational tools for analysing developmental morphogenesis at the tissue-scale</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Amount: £47,159
Ischia Summer School on the History of the Life Sciences
<p>The Ischia Summer School on the History of the Life Sciences provides advanced training in history of biology and medicine in a historically rich and naturally beautiful setting for 26 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, with strong UK representation. Lectures and seminars at the Ischia branch of the Naples Zoological Station by nine distinguished international faculty, with student present… more
Amount: £19,960
Amount: £3,000,000
An advanced cryoEM instrument for the University of Cambridge
<p>We seek support to consolidate an advanced electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM) facility dedicated to structural studies of biological macromolecular assemblies. The facility would provide a revolutionary new tool to the large structural biology community in the University that would enable acquisition of critical data in support of a wide and diverse range of projects tackling fundamental probl… more
Amount: £3,000,000
Amount: £2,490,000
An Interdisciplinary Investigation into Carolingian Medical Knowledge and Practice
<p>Focusing on the late eighth and ninth centuries, I am proposing an interdisciplinary project that aims to present a more comprehensive picture of Carolingian health and medicine than previous research has offered. I shall investigate early medieval medical knowledge and explore the question of its possible application through an in-depth analysis of textual sources supplemented by the skeletal… more
Amount: £94,637
Amount: £14,500
21st Century Families: Parent-child relationships and children's psychological wellbeing
<p>New pathways to parenthood have recently emerged that did not exist, nor had even been imagined, at the turn of the 21<sup>st</sup> century. Individuals who were previously unknown to each other have begun to meet over the internet with the purpose of having children together; transgender men and women have begun to have children through medically assisted reproduction; single heterosexual men… more
Amount: £1,552,401
Genetic and functional interactions in the mammalian DNA-damage response
<p>DNA in our cells is frequently subject to a wide array of molecularly-distinct forms of damage. To cope with this, life has evolved multiple DNA repair and associated processes, collectively termed the DNA-damage response (DDR). While considerable progress has been made in identifying DDR proteins and their regulators, much remains to be learned about how they operate and are controlled. Build… more
Amount: £1,636,331
The cognitive neuroscience of over-eating: normative and clinical studies of goal-driven and stimulus-driven responses
<p>There is a pressing need to understand the phenotypic variations of obesity in order to elucidate the diverse pathways and mechanisms by which it arises and, ultimately, to offer suitably tailored interventions. My proposed work aims to provide insights into the cognitive neuroscience of health-harming over-consumption.&nbsp; Its ultimate goals are to characterise cognitive mechanisms underlyi… more
Amount: £1,500,053
Understanding mammalian interphase genome structure in mouse ES cells
<p>The folding of genomic DNA from the beads-on-a-string like structure of nucleosomes into higher order assemblies is critically linked to nuclear processes, but it is unclear to what degree it is a cause or consequence of function. We aim to understand whether the Nucleosome Remodeling and Deacetylation (NuRD) complex regulates chromatin structure to control transcription, or whether it is NuRD… more
Amount: £2,031,409