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17 Oct 2005
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30 Sep 2020
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The Cambridge History of Medicine
This application is for support to develop a proposal for The Cambridge History of Medicine in six volumes. As General Editor, I will meet with a team of a dozen volume editors at a series of workshops to ask fundamental questions about what the history of medicine is, what it should be, and how best to represent it in these books.
Amount: £96,402
Amount: £1,494,699
Amount: £16,250
Dissecting the neural circuits for visual perceptual learning
<p>Visual perceptual learning (VPL) is an improvement of performance of a visually guided task as a result of visual experience. However, it is not well understood whether improvements are due to changes in lower-level visual or in higher-level association brain areas, and whether improvements can transfer to untrained visual features and tasks.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Here I propose to dissect th… more
Amount: £1,317,544
Cellular mechanisms of metabolic sensing by human hypothalamic neurons
<p>Obesity is a major public health problem, but its molecular mechanisms are poorly understood, frustrating efforts to develop broadly effective treatments. Obesity is characterised by abnormal energy homeostasis, which is regulated in large part by hypothalamic melanocortin neurons. The activity of melanocortin neurons is in turn regulated by circulating nutrients and hormones (e.g. leptin), bu… more
Amount: £1,212,840
Epigenetic inheritance: the influence of variable silencing of the repeat genome.
<p>Evidence from epidemiological studies and experiments in animal models suggests that effects of environment and lifestyle can be transmitted across generations via non-genetic mechanisms. Such mechanisms are challenging to unravel in mouse and man. In mammals, non-genetic inheritance is best exemplified by the<em> Agouti viable yellow</em> (<em>Avy</em>) mouse where phenotypic differences in g… more
Amount: £2,929,851
Disorders of Thyroid Hormone Action: Diagnosis, Pathophysiology and Therapy
<p>Having discovered that cystic degeneration of aortic media in human selenoprotein deficiency causes its aneurysmal dilatation, we will elucidate its pathogenesis using mice with conditional, aortic selenoprotein depletion and patients stem cell-derived vascular smooth muscle cells and determine whether antioxidants can inhibit this process. We will investigate structure-function relationships … more
Amount: £1,601,565
Amount: £11,072
Principles of human development and germ cell program
<p>Specification of human primordial germ cells (hPGCs)&nbsp;occurs around gastrulation, a critical juncture when the specification of the primary somatic lineages&nbsp;also occurs. In combination with human preimplantation embryos, in<em> vitro</em> models and hPGCs from aborted fetuses, our objective is to elucidate the origin and properties of the early human germline.</p> <p>For&nbsp;the mec… more
Amount: £2,750,000
Amount: £1,016,251
Uncovering the roles of dynamic RNA interactions during assembly and assortment of multi-segmented viral genomes
<p>Rotaviruses (RV) comprise a diverse and rapidly evolving group of segmented double-stranded (ds)RNA viruses of the <em>Reoviridae</em> family that cause deadly gastroenteritis in children worldwide. A hallmark of rotavirus morphogenesis is the stoichiometric assembly of eleven distinct genome ssRNA segment precursors prior to packaging. Elucidating the mechanism of accurate &lsquo;molecular co… more
Amount: £1,177,077
Mechanisms of epithelial polarity in flies and mammals
<p style="margin-left: 0cm; margin-right: 0cm">AS/A/GCSE-level biology specifications have recently shifted toward an increased focus on practical skills<sup>1</sup>that teachers and schools don&rsquo;t necessarily have the equipment or knowledge to confidently foster across the biology curriculum<sup>2</sup>.&nbsp;The Scientists' Collaborative Project with Educators (SCoPE) is a pilot public eng… more
Amount: £42,756
Amount: £2,000,000
Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University of Cambridge
<p>Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University of Cambridge</p>
Amount: £21,500
Amount: £2,750,000
Amount: £2,610,000
Computational tools for analysing developmental morphogenesis at the tissue-scale
<p>Computational tools for analysing developmental morphogenesis at the tissue-scale</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Amount: £47,159
Ischia Summer School on the History of the Life Sciences
<p>The Ischia Summer School on the History of the Life Sciences provides advanced training in history of biology and medicine in a historically rich and naturally beautiful setting for 26 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, with strong UK representation. Lectures and seminars at the Ischia branch of the Naples Zoological Station by nine distinguished international faculty, with student present… more
Amount: £19,960