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18 Jan 2010
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07 Dec 2017
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Implementation of ISARICC's 2018-2022 Strategic Plan
<p>Bridging funds for transition to ISARICC's 2018-2022 Strategic Plan</p>
Amount: £144,634
Development of compounds that inhibit RAS-effector protein-protein interactions in cancer using a single antibody domain drug surrogate emulator approach
Prof Rabbitts and colleagues from the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Biology have been awarded Seeding Drug Discovery funding to develop small molecules specifically targeting the RAS-effector protein-protein interactions. The RAS family of oncogenes is among the most frequently mutated in human cancers. Using minimal antibody fragments, the group has characterized an anti-RAS VH segment whos… more
Amount: £98,762
Ethical Lifespan Enhancement.
Current medical and policy strategies have doubled our lifespans over the past century, with a number of corresponding benefits to individuals and societies. However, the cost of these strategies has been a progressive loss of wellbeing amongst the very old, along with a rapid increase in the distributed burdens of aged care. The first goal of this research is to reframe our existing medical stru… more
Amount: £169,009
An investigation into the neurophysiological biomarkers of Parkinsons disease in closed loop deep brain stimulation.
The aim of this project is investigate whether there exist improved neurophysiological biomarkers of Parkinson s disease (PD) over and above the pathological beta synchrony band already described and to examine whether these enhanced biomarkers can be used to improve treatment with deep brain stimulation (DBS) through their modulation of stimulation in a closed loop setting. Specifically, we will… more
Amount: £172,786
Genetic basis of craniofacial malformations.
1. Prospective ascertainment of patients requiring craniofacial surgery at the four participating centres. We will aim to recruit a minimum of 150 patients (with parents) annually. 2. Identification of new monogenic causes of craniofacial malformation within this cohort using massively parallel sequencing. We will use 16 lanes of Illumina-based sequencing of captured whole exomes in patients or … more
Amount: £489,226
Regulation of growth and TORC1 signalling by the novel evolutionarily conserved amino acid transporter, SLC38A10: a new player in amino acid sensing?.
We will dissect out the functions and mechanism of action of the growth regulatory SLC38A10 transporter in Drosophila, using the combination of genetic and molecular genetic approaches we have developed in our pioneering studies of amino acid sensing by the PATs. We will employ analysis of mutant animals and somatic mutant clones, RNAi and overexpression studies to determine in which tissues SLC3… more
Amount: £217,496
Open Access award.
Not available
Amount: £200,000
Generation of an antibody library against transcription factors.
<table> <tbody> <tr> <td>Adapting&nbsp;specific anti-peptide phage combinatorial library technology to a peptide capture phage assay in generating anti-transcription factor&nbsp;antibodies</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>
Amount: £128,750
Amount: £153,330
Amount: £153,330
Amount: £153,330
Amount: £153,330
Amount: £153,330