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17 Oct 2005
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01 Nov 2005
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Nutrition as a modifiable causal factor in antisocial behaviours
We propose to build on our previous double blind randomised study which demonstrated that prisoners committed 26.3% (8.3 - 44.33%, 95% CI, p=0.03, two tailed) fewer offences compared to placebo, when for nine months their diet was supplemented with recommended daily intakes of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Such behavioural effects are not currently considered in published standard… more
Amount: £1,404,852
Skulls, limbs and sperm: common themes in malformation.
This proposal explores the surprising biological links between development of the skull and limbs, and the biology of spermatogenesis, through a combinationof human studies and mouse models. Focusing on two groups of signalling molecules, the fibroblast growth factor receptors (FGFRs) and ephrins, we aim to identify new causes of skull and limb malformation, evaluate a new approachto the clinical… more
Amount: £1,212,157
Transcription termination: interconnections between transcription and pre-mRNA processing.
All stages of gene expression from nuclear transcription to cytoplasmic translation are intimately connected. We demonstrated two decades ago that the pre-mRNA processing reaction of 3' end cleavage/polyadenylation connects to transcription elongation/ termination. Since then all mRNA processing reactions have been shown to occur co-transcriptionally, affording tight gene regulation. We will e… more
Amount: £1,853,834
Roles and regulation of cohesin cleavage during meiosis.
The proposed research "Roles and regulation of cohesin during meiosis" aims to elucidate how the process of chromosome segregation is regulated in meiosis. Specifically, the mechanisms that differentially control the destruction of sister chromatid cohesion at centromeres and chromosome arms in meiosis I will be investigated. Budding and fission yeasts will be used to study the mechanism by which… more
Amount: £2,581,863
Studies on the biochemical modifications regulating initiation, propagation and stabilisation of intracellular signals that modify T cell behaviour.
This programme will study fundamental aspects of T cell activation by bridgingspatio-temporal gaps that restrict our understanding of the T cell "signallingmachinery". Towards this goal, we propose to apply quantitative mass spectrometry and to improve knowledge of post-translational modifications through which proteins convey signals.We will extend our current work on how Tcell antigen receptor … more
Amount: £1,934,921