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17 Jan 2011
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15 Dec 2011
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Development of a novel vaccine against Plasmodium vivax malaria using adenovirus and Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) as recombinant vaccines.
I will apply a leading vaccination strategy consisting on using clinically relevant adenoviral and MVA viral vectors to stimulate immune responses against Plasmodium vivax in order to prevent infection, disease and relapse through the elimination of pre-erythrocytic or liver-stage parasite forms. The key goals are: - Development of a pre-erythrocytic vaccine using adenovirus and MVA vectors expre… more
Amount: £1,081,461
Amount: £75,000
"Second annual medical history workshop for postgraduate historians" to be held at Oxford in 15-16 September 2011
The workshop has four main aims. Firstly, to bring together (200 words) postgraduate medical history students working in Centres around the country on a variety of topics and time-periods. Centres for medical history are often relatively small and isolated within their History Departments, and graduate students especially so, and it would therefore be advantageous to provide an opportunity for cr… more
Amount: £4,975
C-Slide - The contributions of Sherrington and Le Gros Clark to our understanding of the brain and nervous system.
Virtual microscopy has great potential for safeguarding and improving access to the historical slides and related documents which underpin modern neuroscience, but which are inaccessible and/or too fragile to use, and in constant danger of being discarded or lost in medical schools and bioscience departments across the UK and internationally. There is considerable research, teaching and general i… more
Amount: £99,858
Identification of novel genes causing familial juvenile hyperuricaemic (gouty) nephropathy (FJHN).
Familial juvenile hyperuricaemic (gouty) nephropathy (FJHN) is an autosomal dominant disorder characterised by reduced excretion of uric acid which leads to gout, renal fibrosis and chronic renal failure. Three genetic causes of FJHN have been defined to date, which are mutations in the UMOD, REN and HNF-1beta genes encoding uromodulin, renin, and hepatocyte nuclear factor-1beta, respectively. … more
Amount: £53,000
The role of the inflammasome in chronic infection.
Immune homeostasis in the gastrointestinal tract is tightly regulated in order to provide protective immunity from pathogens, whilst concurrently suppressing excessive reactivity directed towards the commensal micro-flora. In humans, perturbation of this balanced immune response presents as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, which are characterize… more
Amount: £59,733
Improving the ability of health systems to deliver essential, hospital services - Examining strategies targeting seriously ill children and newborns in Kenya.
Work in my previous senior fellowship established that a multi-faceted intervention can improve paediatric care in rural Kenyan hospitals and began to develop the capacity within Kenya to undertake multi-methods research around a founder quantitative trial. The close working relationship established with government and other local institutions has seen basic components of the intervention being t… more
Amount: £2,683,780
Population structure and pathogenicity of C. neoformans in Vietnam.
Most cryptococcal meningitis occurs in patients with underlying immune deficit. Occasionally, disease occurs in immunocompetent patients. Using AFLP and MLST, we have made the novel finding of a genotype of C. neoformans var. grubii, VNIgamma, that causes 92% of disease in the immunocompetent but only 35% in HIV patients. Genotypes do not segregate by HIV risk group, gender, or temporally, sugges… more
Amount: £1,443,852
Institutional Strategic Support Fund 2011/12.
<p>The ISSF has been renewed for two years (2014-2016) for an additional &pound;3M of funding, and has a remit to:</p> <ol> <li>Assist the Institution in developing its research strategy across Departments and Divisions.</li> <li>Encourage new inter-departmental synergies, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and inter-institutional initiatives.</li> <li>Add value to existing Wellcome Trust investm… more
Amount: £1,500,000
Amount: £4,960
The mechanism of mRNA transport and localised translation during axis specification and synaptic plasticity.
Intracellular transport of mRNA and its localised translation are common and efficient mechanisms of restricting protein distribution during axis specification in oocytes. They are important for local regulation at the periphery of neurons, during long term memory, synaptic plasticity and are implicated in neurodegenerative diseases. We have discovered conserved trans-acting proteins that bind t… more
Amount: £3,118,970
Ethics, Equipoise and Research on Charged Particle Therapy.
The clinical use of charged particle therapy to treat cancer is rapidly expanding worldwide. There is much debate about whether more clinical trials are necessary before this modality is brought into widespread use for many different cancers. This workshop seeks to make definitive progress on this debate by bringing together leaders in the relevant fields (radiation oncology, research ethics, med… more
Amount: £4,000
Psychiatry and the Management of Aerial Warfare: A study of the Royal Air Force Neuropsychiatric Division in the prevention and treatment of psychiatric casualties, 1939-1945
The proposed research shall critically assess the role played by psychiatry in the management of aerial warfare, 1939-1945. This shall be addressed through an examination of the therapeutic and administrative practices of the Royal Air Force Neuropsychiatric division during the Second World War. The research intends to identify, describe and critically assess the roles played by psychiatrists in … more
Amount: £86,858
Institutionalising Childbirth in Ethiopia: Shifting Socio-medical Support Systems in the Age of Modernity, 1930-1965
As a micro-historic example of the institutionalisation of healthcare in Ethiopia, I will investigate the shifting nature of socio-medical support mechanisms for women undergoing childbirth in the nation from ca 1930-1965. With the Empress Zauditu and Princess Tsahai Memorial Hospitals (built in Addis Ababa by Emperor Selassie in 1934 and 1951, respectively) as case studies, I will examine the wa… more
Amount: £97,406
Medicine and Deaf Education in Japan: the Meiji Period,1868-1912, and Today
This proposed research has two key goals: to understand how the 'Westernization' of medicine and education during the Meiji Period affected deaf Japanese and to grasp the extent to which the current educational situation reflects ideologies from this historical turning point. The first step is to conduct in-depth historical research into transformations in both the medical and educational systems… more
Amount: £96,334
'The Global Health Bioethics Network: a programme to carry out ethics research and build ethics capacity across the Wellcome Trust's Major Overseas Programmes.'
Enormous global inequalities exist in health measures such as mortality, quality of life and disease despite increasing levels of overall wealth. In recent years, partly because of initiatives like the Wellcome Trust s Major Overseas Programmes (MOPs), there has been an unprecedented increase in the amount of research carried out on global health. Global health research, often bringing together m… more
Amount: £1,115,284
Open-architecture telehealth platform for COPD
COPD affects 210 million people globally, with 50% of costs (unplanned hospital admissions) that could be avoided with more responsive models of care. 30% of COPD patients in the NHS are re-admitted to hospital once within the year. Within 10 years, COPD will become the third leading cause of death. Even if everyone stopped smoking today, the effect on COPD statistics would not be seen for up to … more
Amount: £1,438,345
Evaluation of innovative TB vaccination strategies in preclinical and clinical models.
This proposal addresses some fundamental issues in TB vaccinology. In the absence of an immune correlate, there is a need for models with which we can evaluate the efficacy of new TB vaccines. The preclinical animal models have some utility; however, all of these preclinical models fail to represent the human situation in important ways. Currently, there is no gold standard which predicts effica… more
Amount: £1,781,590
Risk factors for violent crime and repeat offending in severe mental illness.
Interpersonal violence is among the top twenty causes of mortality and disability-adjusted living years worldwide. Severe mental illness increases the risk of violence, reflected in part by the increasing costs of forensic psychiatric and prison mental health. This project aims to clarify associations and mediators for violent crime in individuals with severe mental illness. The proposal will dra… more
Amount: £1,214,872