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14 Jan 2015
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07 Dec 2017
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CHIM - Shigella sonnei in Vietnamese adults - Development funds
<p>Diarrhoea remains a major cause of childhood morbidity and mortality globally. The vast majority of the 2 billion<br> annual diarrhoeal infections occur in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Members of the genus <em>Shigella</em><br> are key agents of diarrhoea in LMICs, and <em>S. sonnei </em>is replacing <em>S. flexneri </em>as the predominant species globally.<br> There is a necessity… more
Amount: £21,120
Malaria Controlled Human Infection Model - application development
<p>We wish to apply for funds to develop the malaria CHIM application. These are for a Co-investigators/stakeholders meeting to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 30<sup>th</sup> and 31<sup>st</sup> January 2018 and to support a writing meeting of the PIs in February 2018 in Kilifi, Kenya.</p>
Amount: £22,186
Implementation of ISARICC's 2018-2022 Strategic Plan
<p>Bridging funds for transition to ISARICC's 2018-2022 Strategic Plan</p>
Amount: £144,634
Discretionary Award
<p>'Sacred Water' &ndash; an engagement project run by artist Lena Bui, was a creative space for researchers at OUCRU-Nepal and people living in the Kathmandu Valley to discuss health with a focus on water.&nbsp; However, the earthquake of 2015 caused many participants to reflect&nbsp;on a wider view of health. Lena became interested in what people turn to for a sense of wellbeing&nbsp;- cultural… more
Amount: £40,000
Vacation Scholarships 2017 - University of Oxford
<p>Vacation Scholarships 2017-University of Oxford</p>
Amount: £15,500
Determining how distinct vertebrate promoter classes coordinate cis-regulatory input.
Highly coordinated gene regulation is essential for multicellular development and when perturbed can lead to disease. Normal transcriptional regulation relies on communication between gene promoters and distal regulatory elements (DREs)[9,10], a process that appears to involve extensive interactions between these sites[11-13]. However, the mechanisms driving these interactions remain poorly under… more
Amount: £250,000
Uncovering the Mode of Action of Lipid II Flippase: A New Antibiotic Target.
Understanding the cellular process by which lipid-anchored molecules reverse their polarity to traverse the cell membrane is a fundamental mechanistic question that remains unsolved. I propose to study the lipid II flippase in E. coli, which transports lipid II across the inner-membrane and into the periplasm where peptidoglycan biosynthesis occurs. There has been controversy surrounding the true… more
Amount: £250,000
Role of complex synaptic dynamics for learning and memory.
How can real brains learn to perform diverse tasks so much better than supercomputers? One of the reasons is that synapses, the brain's storage medium for experience and memories, are too simplistic in our models. Commonly described only by single numbers denoting their strength, we have ignored the rich internal dynamics of real synapses. By harnessing this complexity, biological systems outperf… more
Amount: £250,000
Amount: £10,000
Amount: £100,000
Amount: £161,673
Amount: £161,673
Amount: £161,673
Amount: £161,673
Amount: £250,316
Amount: £161,673
Amount: £161,673
Amount: £161,673